How do I Choose the Best Roman Curtains?

Sheri Cyprus

Choosing the best kind of Roman curtains for your home can be simplified by first deciding on whether you'd prefer a straight or rounded edge to these roll-up fabric blinds. Selecting either solid color or printed material carefully is important because the right type of curtains can help tie in the rest of your interior design scheme. Using Roman curtains in every room is something you may want to do to add a sense of unity to your home's interior decor.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

Each Roman curtain you select should coordinate with not only your furnishings and other fabrics, such as upholstery material and throw pillows, but also with the wall colors. If you have a lot of printed cloth accents already, such as in pillows, rugs and seating fabric, you may want to choose Roman curtains in a solid color that will complement both the prints and the wall paint color. Remember that the thickness of the Roman curtain material you choose will determine the amount of daylight that enters the room. For a home theater space or bedroom, heavy dark fabric may be best, while in a sun room or kitchen, thinner Roman blind curtains will allow more light in.

The weight and texture of the Roman curtain should enhance your decor rather than detract from it. For example, sheer loosely woven material on the window may look mismatched if the rest of the room's fabric is heavy leather or suede. Roman curtains in a micro-suede material could create a more pulled together look in the space. In a room that is more light and airy in its mood, sheer lightweight Roman style curtains will fit in well.

For rooms that are on the plain side and could benefit from more visual interest, a patterned Roman curtain can help add style. Stripes can be a good choice, as they tend to add a fresh appearance. Striped window curtain styles or blinds can also make a low ceiling appear higher. When choosing patterned Roman curtains, be sure the design is something you'll want to live with each day. It's usually worth an investment in time to consider many different patterns and colors before deciding on a Roman curtain you really love.

If you find the selection of patterns and colors too overwhelming, choosing rattan Roman curtains in a natural wood tone can be an excellent alternative that coordinates well with many different kinds of interior decors. Make sure the mechanism to lower and raise the Roman curtain works smoothly. To help you decide whether to pick rounded or straight edge Roman style curtains, it can be a good idea to look at the lines of your furniture and choose similarly shaped curtain edging. As a general rule, rounded, puffy Roman shade looks suit romantic and rustic decors, while clean-lined, rectangular curtains work better in traditional and modern interiors.

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