How Do I Choose the Best Rollers for Thick Hair?

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Rollers are utilized by people with all types of hair, ranging from curly and straight locks to those that are thick or thin. When searching for rollers for thick hair, you will want to pay specific attention to the types of tools being used. Generally the best ones for thicker hair types are hot rollers because they can curl your locks easier. You will also want to find the perfect rollers for the desired results, as different types can create varying curls. Once you have located the best rollers for thick hair, you might consider purchasing specific styling products in order to help to prevent your curls from falling flat.

Traditional rollers for thick hair require the use of curlers and a blow dryer. Once you have the rollers in damp hair, you can curl your locks by blow drying them. Perhaps the easiest way to curl thick hair is by purchasing a hot rollers set. These types of rollers are made of sponge, wax, or ceramic materials. Generally, the ceramic versions are the best rollers for thick because the features curl your locks quickly and more evenly than other methods.


Thick hair generally requires sturdier styling tools that can hold your locks in place. For this reason, you might consider using flocked rollers over ribbed versions because they feature surfaces which help to hold your hair in place during use. The downside to flocked rollers is that they can be more difficult to remove, especially if you have wavy hair. Ribbed versions are easier to remove, but you might consider using pins to help to keep them in place during the curling process.

Size also matters in terms of choosing the best rollers for thick hair. Bigger rollers are not necessarily required unless you want to create the largest curls possible. All types of rollers come in different sizes, so you will first want to determine the style that you want before buying. Smaller rollers create tiny curls, but you also have the option of using multiple ones to create curly hair that consists of different sizes all at once.

The types of rollers that you ultimately choose for thick hair will not be effective if you do not use the proper styling products. First, you might consider shampooing and conditioning your hair with products that are specifically designed for curly locks. You will likely want to spray on a heat protector before applying the rollers in order to reduce heat damage. Once you have styled your hair, top it off with a finishing spray designed to maximize volume so that your curls do not come undone.


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