How Do I Choose the Best Rock Candy?

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There are many different types of rock candy in the world, but they are all made the same basic way. Sugar is dissolved in warm water and then allowed to crystallize on a stick or string in large chunks. The major differences between types of rock candy are those of ingredient quality, color, and flavoring. Sometimes, these differences can create products that taste very different. Which type is best depends on personal tastes and what the candy is used for.

Rock candy, which is sometimes called rock sugar, can be found in many different cultural traditions, but it originally comes from India and Iran. In these areas, the dessert was often colored and mildly flavored with flowers or saffron. It is common to see this type of candy broken down into very small pieces, which is considered a convenient form when cooking or making tea.

Candy of this type is used many different ways, so it is a good idea to consider the way in which the treat is presented. When served on a stick, rock candy can be eaten like a lollipop or stirred easily in tea. On the other hand, loose rock candy can be held entirely in the mouth and can also be added to dessert dishes as an interesting garnish.


Derivatives of this original concoction are found all over the world, including Asia and Europe. Many forms of rock sugar included medicine in their original forms, and many people believe that the candy itself has medicinal qualities. Depending on where you are buying the candy, it may be possible to find types that have medical benefits that could be useful, making some types better than others.

This candy has also become a popular treat to make with children because it teaches them about crystallization. Kits are available, which can add an educational component to a sweet treat. It is also easy to make rock candy at home using common household ingredients. Besides a heat source, all that is truly needed is water, a stick, and sugar.

As most types of rock candy are very similar, choosing the best type can be difficult. One thing to consider is whether the candy has any special qualities, such as the ability to soothe an upset stomach. You might also consider if it is available in a particularly beautiful or bright color. While you may not have much choice, you could also consider the quality of ingredients, as some types use organic sugar and avoid artificial coloring.


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Post 4

Rock candy has been used on TV shows to represent the drug meth. Supposedly the rock candy looks a lot like the drug and works well on camera for this purpose.

Post 3

This may appear to be a weird combination to people who have not heard of this mixture, but when I was growing up, my daddy always kept a jar of rock candy and whisky in the cabinet in the kitchen. This mixture was Daddy's version of a miracle cure and the first line of defense in his version of preventive medicine.

Whenever one of us children started to cough or sneeze, Daddy would march us into the kitchen, open the cabinet, dig out the jar of whisky and rock candy and dole out a couple of teaspoons. Sometimes he would give it to us in the later part of the fall just because cold weather was coming and he

didn't want anyone getting sick.

At one time or another, all of us kids sneaked into the cabinet and got a teaspoon of the mixture even when it wasn't called for, but we knew better than to get more than a teaspoon. Daddy was strict about the use of his miracle cure.

Post 2

Rock candy and children combine to form the gateway to a lot of costly dentist visits. I loved the stuff as a kid. Years ago, after hearing me talk about how much I ate the candy when I was little, my daughters bought me some for my birthday.

I was almost as excited as I had been as a child when I tore into the pack. After one taste, I wondered how I ever ate the stuff -- pure sugar. I had to pretend to enjoy it while my daughters were around. I eventually hid the candy someplace, and I guess it's still tin that hiding place. I certainly haven't touched it again.

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