How Do I Choose the Best Rivet Supplier?

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Choosing the right rivet supplier is a task that is key to securing the highest quality rivets at the most reasonable prices. Businesses that make use of rivets in their manufacturing operations must be concerned with factors such as the ability of the rivets to hold once installed, the type of material used to create the rivets and even if a manufacturer can supply rivets that are designed for a specific type of manufacturing activity. Taking some time to look into the track record of the supplier will aid in determining which of the many rivet suppliers are worth considering.

One of the first considerations when evaluating any rivet supplier is the ability of the supplier to fill orders that include all the designs and sizes required by the client. This delivery of supply must be in a timely manner, allowing the client to avoid any delays that could mean downtime on the production floor. As part of the design considerations, verify the type of materials used in the creation of the rivets and make sure those options are a good fit for the applications that the client has in mind.


Going with a rivet supplier that maintains a strong quality control process is also essential. This type of process should include screening of the rivets that the supplier receives from different rivet manufacturers, ensuring that all of them meet quality standards. The quality control strategies must also extend to the order fulfillment processes in terms of verifying that the rivets scheduled for shipment to the client do match the specifications of the order. This type of attention to detail will help to minimize costly delays and the need to spend time and resources correcting the error.

Determine if a given rivet supplier has the capability to handle emergency orders or to secure rivets that are in lesser demand. This is especially important if the client occasionally takes on a job that calls for some older rivet design. A supplier who has the ability to manage orders that are a little out of the ordinary may cost a little more, but the cost is offset by being able to secure out of stock rivets when and as necessary.

Fast order fulfillment is also a trait to look for in any rivet supplier. Ideally, that order fulfillment will include notifications of the status of the order, including information on the date of shipment and tracking data that can be used to project when the rivets will arrive. Suppliers that offer next business day service on most orders are especially important if the manufacturing company is attempting to operate a lean model, maintaining only a minimum of rivets in the supply inventory.

As with any type of business expense, the pricing offered by a given rivet supplier is also important. The ideal supplier will provide quality rivets at competitive prices, possibly offering discounts in return for the client entering into a volume purchase agreement. When an equitable price is matched with high quality and a quick turnaround on orders, there is a good chance that a working relationship between that supplier and the client will be beneficial to both parties.


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