How do I Choose the Best Rifle Scope Mount?

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In order to choose the best rifle scope mount, you must choose a mount that does not interfere with your rifle's action while providing a clear and comfortable line of sight. There are two basic types of rifle scope mount designs to choose from, single- and two-piece mounts. When selecting the best rifle scope mount for a bolt-action rifle, a two-piece mount is typically the best option. This design will allow the shooter to place the scope low and rearward while bridging the open chamber of the bolt action. For most other types of rifle, the one-piece mount is typically the best choice as it provides a firm and solid mounting platform.

If placing a scope on a large-caliber rifle or shotgun, it may be wise to purchase a rifle scope mount that is compatible with a long-eye relief scope. The recoil or kick of many large bore rifle and magnum shotgun rounds occasionally drives the scope into the eye of the shooter. Another factor to consider when selecting a rifle scope mount for any intended firearm is the recoil and subsequent placement of the optics. Another feature that should be evaluated is the size of the scope intended to be used on the weapon.


Preferred rifle scope mounts allow the scope to sit above the rifle's barrel while remaining as close to the barrel as possible. Most shooting experts agree that the best scope mounts position the scope as low on the weapon as possible while avoiding contact between the barrel and the optics. Choosing the best rifle scope mount will help you in zeroing your weapon as well as maintaining proper trajectory sighting patterns. Also, a better quality rifle scope mount will aid in achieving proper shooting positioning as well as faster target acquisition when aiming at a moving target.

In the world of hunting and sport target shooting, there are as many scope mount styles as there are shooters. Finding the best rifle scope mount for your rifle will require patience and research. Asking owners of similar rifles which mount they use is a good way to narrow the field. If possible, ask the owner of a similar rifle to allow you to fire his weapon so you can get a feel of the mount he is using. Shooting a few different models of scope mounts with similar scopes will aid you in making a decision that will best serve you and your rifle.


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Post 2

I have a number of different hunting rifle scopes and and I bought all of them online. In my experience, guys in gun shops are just trying to sell you guns. They will tell you just about anything to make a sale and its hard to get good, honest information.

If you go online you can find tons of rifle scope reviews and all the specs you need to make sure it will fit on your scope mount. You can cut through all the sales pitches and get right to the information you need.

Post 1

The best way to find the right rifle scope mount is to try it out on your rifle before you buy it. This is hard to do in a Wal-Mart or a Cabellas, but if you go to a smaller, independent gun shop a lot of them will let you try it out on your gun first.

Trust me, I've made the mistake of buying them blind before and when it doesn't work you know it immediately. Save yourself some money and some grief.

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