How Do I Choose the Best Retractable Garden Hose?

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If you want a hose that can be neatly put away without much time or effort, then a retractable garden hose may be the best kind to get. This product is typically housed within a reel that makes it easy to coil the hose quickly, allowing you to store it free of tight kinks and loose tangles. Before you choose the best retractable garden hose reel system, you should first consider whether you want a manual or electric kind, keeping in mind that the latter typically requires less work for you. Another thing to keep in mind is that some retractable hose reels hide the hose from view, while others keep it visible. Additionally, you should think about the size of both the hose and the reel before you choose one, because it needs to reach your plants without taking up too much space in your yard.


One detail to consider is whether you want a retractable hose that you have to manually reel in, or one that does it with the push of a button. The manual kind usually features a lever that you have to wind up to release or coil the hose. This type is often inexpensive, but it takes some effort, so it is not usually best for the elderly, disabled or anyone else who might find it difficult to reel it in. If you plan to use the retractable garden hose often and do not have time to wind it on your own each time, the electric kind may suit you better, because it reels in the hose with the push of a button; it is usually more expensive, though.

Some retractable garden hose reels cover the entire hose when it is coiled up. This means that, if the hose is not coiled perfectly, no one will notice because they will not be able to see it. You can often get a covered hose reel that also features storage cabinets so you have a hidden area in which to store accessories, such as nozzles. If you do not mind your hose being visible when it is coiled up, you may be able to save some money by opting for the kind without a covered compartment.

Size is another detail to think about before buying a retractable hose. You should make sure the hose is long enough to reach from the water source to the yard and driveway so you can water your plants or wash your car as needed. At the same time, many retractable garden hose reels are bulky, so you should make sure you have enough space for the one you choose, especially if you plan to store it inside when not in use.


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Anyone considering purchasing a garden hose should take a look at the latest versions of the retractable garden hoses that don't use a reel system. The hoses are based on the design of the fire hoses you see on fire engines. The hoses expand once water begins to flow into them.

These hoses expand to several times their length when water enters them and they come in different lengths.

Post 2

When using a retractable garden hose system, I have found that using rubber hoses works much better than using the vinyl hoses. The vinyl hoses aren't as flexible, so getting them to roll neatly onto the hosing unit can be a challenge.

Of course, the rubber hoses generally last longer than the vinyl ones. The durability of the hoses is tested even more with a reel system. The hoses are under more stress and more vulnerable, so the difference in the hoses is highlighted even more.

Post 1

We have a large yard and we have what seems like a football-field length of hoses that we use to reach the ends of our property. At some point we got the idea to buy a garden hose reel and holder to better manage the hoses.

When the hoses are wound onto the reel, the yard looks much better because the sight of the loose hoses pilled at the corner of the house or at the garage was not a pleasing sight. However, make sure you get a reel that is easy to use. Honestly, the winding and unwinding of hoses can be a tiring chore. Next time, we are going to try an electric reel.

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