How do I Choose the Best Remote Video Surveillance System?

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The best remote video surveillance system for you likely depends on the type of equipment you may already have or want to use and the way in which you wish to achieve such surveillance. Digital cameras are often preferable, as these can be connected to computers and networks and may allow you to use them as part of a wireless network. You should also consider if you want to have surveillance inside or outdoors, or both, and how concealed you want your system to remain. The remote video surveillance system you choose should also provide any secondary features you may want, such as long distance access through the Internet.

A remote video surveillance system is a system in which one or more surveillance devices, usually cameras, are set up and connected to part of a larger system for remote monitoring. You should typically consider digital cameras and other equipment for your system. If you already have a computer system with a wireless network, then you can purchase cameras that can be connected to your wireless network and allow viewing of images captured by those cameras from any computer on the network. This allows you to create a remote video surveillance system that can quickly and easily be accessed from multiple locations.


You should also consider how well concealed you may want your remote video surveillance system and where you want to use it. If you want to have outdoor surveillance, then you should choose cameras designed for outdoor use and protect them from adverse weather. Outdoor cameras may also serve as deterrents if displayed visibly yet out of reach from potential intruders. If you want a remote video surveillance system for indoor use, especially as a concealed system, then you should look for hidden cameras that appear like other objects or devices. You can even find hidden cameras that can connect to a wireless system, though these can be quite expensive.

Depending on how you want to connect to your remote video surveillance system, you should also consider cameras that can be accessed over the Internet. These cameras typically connect to a computer system, often wirelessly, and then are assigned Internet protocol (IP) addresses or connect to a host server that can be accessed by any computer connected to the Internet. You can protect these camera feeds through passwords and similar security features. This allows you to view and monitor your remote video surveillance system from virtually anywhere in the world, using any computer with an Internet connection.


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Eye Trax makes Solar powered cellular cameras perfect for remote surveillance. They told me that was exactly what they were designed for. I bought one to be able to watch my deer and outdoor area. Works great!

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