How do I Choose the Best Remedy for Piles?

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The best remedy for piles, which are also more commonly known as hemorrhoids, typically depends on their severity. There are over-the-counter remedies for piles as well as stronger prescription treatments. Another remedy for piles includes surgical removal procedures, but these may not be recommended unless your piles are extremely severe and are keeping you from going about your daily activities. If you are having problems with piles, you should see your doctor before deciding for sure on what type of remedy to use. Your doctor will probably advise you to use the over-the-counter and prescription medicines first, and if those don't work, he may decide to do a surgical removal.

If you are interested in an over-the-counter remedy for piles, you might consider looking at medicated pads initially. These pads can be put in place over your piles to help soothe the inflammation and pain. The pads contain all sorts of ingredients, including witch hazel, which has been used for years to treat a variety of different ailments. There are also various ointments and creams under several different brand names that you can apply topically to your piles. The pads, ointments, and creams are generally designed to be used as needed, and you should discontinue use and see your doctor if they seem to be ineffective and see if your doctor will prescribe a stronger treatment for you.


The remedy for piles that your doctor decides to use if medicines are ineffective may vary depending on your specific problem. One of the more common methods of piles removal is the rubber band procedure. During this procedure, your doctor will put a rubber band around the piles that are bothering you. After a while, the constriction of the band will cause the blood flow to the piles to stop, which will result in the piles shriveling and falling off. This is typically an outpatient procedure, and you should feel much better within a few days after this procedure is done.

Other methods of pile removal that your doctor might try are injections and surgical pile removal. If your doctor decides to use injections, she will inject a chemical solution into your piles to make them shrink. This method is effective when it does work, but if your piles are numerous and severe, it may not be very helpful. Very severe pile problems typically require surgical removal. The surgery may take a few weeks to completely heal from, but most people who undergo it tend to feel much better as soon as they are healed and often don't have recurring problems with piles.


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