How do I Choose the Best Recycled Adirondack Chair?

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A recycled Adirondack chair can be an attractive piece of furniture that is also easy to care for. Before you make a purchase, try to find out how much recycled material the chair contains. If you are buying one made from recycled plastic, try to find a piece that looks like it is made from wood. Decide whether you want the chair to fold up. Consider your outdoor decorating scheme in order to find a color that goes well with other patio furniture and accessories.

An outdoor chair could be made of recycled wood or plastic. Try to find out how much recycled material an Adirondack chair contains, as well as how the material was recovered. This may be difficult to do if the piece is wooden, but plastic models usually list this information on the product label. A recycled Adirondack chair will ideally contain 90 to 100% recycled or reclaimed material.

Plastic milk jugs and soda bottles can be used to create a product known as high-density polyethylene (HDPE). This type of material sometimes appears to have a wood grain. Choose a recycled Adirondack chair made from this material if you want a natural-looking piece but have difficulty finding one made from real wood.


Think about where you plan to use this outdoor chair. If you want to take it with you when you travel, consider a folding model. Make sure the hinges on the piece are securely attached and move easily. This is especially true of recycled wooden chairs, as the wood could rot and not hold fasteners securely.

A recycled Adirondack chair should match your existing decor. If you are choosing a plastic model, try to find one that is already painted a color that complements other furnishings. This is because the color is intended to last for several years without needing to be repainted. If you are selecting a wooden chair, look it over to see if it might need to be sanded or primed before being painted a particular color.

Buying a recycled Adirondack chair rather than one made from new materials can be good for the environment, since discarded items are not thrown into a landfill. This often means this type of outdoor chair is economical to purchase as well. Finding one that looks nice and is comfortable to sit in can be easy to do, and can pay off with many years of enjoyment.


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