How Do I Choose the Best Rectangular Vase?

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When choosing a rectangular vase it helps to determine where it will be used and what its potential use will be. A vase does not necessarily have to be used to contain flowers, or to contain anything, for that matter. It may be a piece of artwork on its own or an addition to the space that is intended to simply add height or weight to a given area. Choose a style that fits well with the colors and styles of other pieces in your space, and make sure the scale of the vase is appropriate to other items in that setting. Look at several different brands and varieties, and compare both quality and pricing before choosing.

Decorative vases are used for many different purposes and a rectangular vase is no exception. The scale of the rectangular vase you choose is important for what you want to accomplish. The bulk and height of the vase should be in proportion to other items it is grouped with or other items in the space that play off of it.

Many people do not bring fresh flowers home on a regular basis but synthetic flowers can be used if they are of high quality. Of course, you can also use different fillers in a vase, from shells and rocks to colored water, sand, or glass stones. Any decorative vessel including a rectangular vase needs to be as attractive when empty as it is when filled.


A rectangular vase will be a good addition to many different types of décor but it really depends on the look you are trying to achieve. A rectangular vase can be a stunning addition to a sleek contemporary space. While a variety of decorative vases can work in a number of settings from casual to sophisticated rectangular shapes can add even more elegance to a space that is compiled of nice clean lines.

A clear glass rectangular vase with simple, long stemmed flowers can create an elegant, contemporary arrangement. Rectangular vases have become quite popular for flower arrangements and other gifts from florists. You can also use this style of vase to inject some color into a space, or you can use a textured piece to provide interest in a monochromatic setting.

If cost is a big concern, consider a “knock off” or a copy of the designer version. Many are quite comparable in style and offer high-quality while offering a lower price tag. If you are looking for environmentally friendly furnishings and accessories, you can find a rectangular vase made from recycled materials.


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