How Do I Choose the Best Rechargeable Epilator?

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An epilator is a small, electricity-powered device for removing body hair. The rechargeable epilator uses a small battery that is recharged when plugged into an electrical supply source. Rechargeable devices obviously offer much more freedom of movement and portability, but they do have some caveats. When choosing epilators, look for a device with a lengthy cord, a lithium-ion battery, a slip-free housing that fits comfortably in your hand, variable speeds, and a good warranty from a reputable manufacturer. If you have sensitive skin or tough hair, consider models that come equipped with antibacterial heads or small lights.

Epilators come in all sorts of shapes and colors, but they all fall into the categories of corded or cordless. Battery technology has improved greatly over the years, and many cordless devices now use lithium-ion batteries. Unlike their forebears, lithium-ion batteries retain no charging "memory," and will not degrade from insufficient charging.

Some epilators, however, work only on battery power. If you use your epilator infrequently, you may find that you cannot use the device unless you fully recharge the battery. For flexibility, look for an epilator that operates on both battery and electrical supply power.


Comfort is extremely important, as the rechargeable epilator must fit in your hand or else epilation will be awkward and frustrating. If you are a woman, avoid the devices geared specifically for men. These units are heavier and contain sharper razors that may chafe light hair and tender skin. Women's rechargeable epilators are often smaller, more ergonomic, and may sport antibacterial heads or tiny lights for better visibility. Keep in mind that these extra features require more battery power and thus more charging time.

Variable speeds are very helpful if you intend on using the rechargeable epilator for different types of body hair. Facial hair is usually more fine, and the skin is more sensitive, so it would require a different epilator mode than the rough, thick hair of the legs. Consider how you will use the device, and look for the added options you need.

Finally, purchase your rechargeable epilator from an established, well-known company that offers a good warranty on the product. A 30-day warranty, usually offered by smaller companies, is insufficient. Look for a one-year warranty by a reptuable company. This will ensure that you can purchase replacement parts in the future, should you need them.


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