How Do I Choose the Best Razor for Sensitive Skin?

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You’ll consider a variety of factors before you find the best razor for sensitive skin. Such factors include your specific skin needs, the body part you want to shave, and even whether a traditional or electric razor will be gentler on your skin. Shopping for a razor for sensitive skin is similar to shopping for most other products. You’ll need to compare a variety of brands and prices, and maybe even try a few different models, before finding a quality razor that meets both your skin and budget needs. Always remember that caring for sensitive skin goes beyond just finding the best razor, and there are steps you can take before, during, and after shaving to help keep your skin calm.

Before you start shopping for a razor for sensitive skin, consider the body part you’re shaving as well as whether your skin is sensitive everywhere or just in certain places. For example, if you’re a man with sensitive facial skin, you might choose a razor designed specifically for men with sensitive skin. On the other hand, if you’re a woman with sensitive facial skin but with normal skin everywhere else, you might not need a razor for sensitive skin at all. Identifying which body parts you want to shave, as well as understanding your specific skin needs, will help you as you compare different razors.


Some brands create traditional razors specifically for people with sensitive skin and label them as such. This makes it easier for shoppers to locate and identify them. Still, it’s possible to find a traditional razor for sensitive skin that doesn’t exclusively target people with sensitive skin. Characteristics of these razors tend to include features designed to help the user avoid “dragging” the skin and to provide skin conditioning. Examples of these features include multiple blades, a pivotal head, and a skin-conditioning strip across the top of the head.

On the other hand, you might find that using an electric razor works better than a traditional razor. In addition to lacking all the bells and whistles of traditional razors specialized for sensitive skin, most models of electric razors also fail to provide as smooth a shave as traditional razors provide. For people with sensitive skin, however, this isn’t necessarily a negative thing. By not making close contact with the skin, some electric razors are able to avoid irritating the skin. Certain models of electric razors require more maintenance than traditional razors, but the benefits could be worth the effort.

Price and quality often go hand-in-hand, but even though it’s specialized, a razor for sensitive skin doesn’t necessarily have to cost more than a basic razor. Compare various brands and prices, and read reviews or talk with people you know who also have sensitive skin. Remember that electric razors typically cost more than traditional razors, but also keep in mind that a traditional razor will require you to regularly replace the blades. Also, choosing a disposable razor will cause you to incur additional costs, since you can only use it a certain number of times before you’ll need to replace it. You might find yourself trying a few different types before you find the gentle razor that works best for your skin and your budget.

Note that, for many people, choosing the best razor for sensitive skin is just the beginning. There are certain tips for shaving with sensitive skin that apply regardless of which razor you choose. For example, many people with sensitive skin find they need to use more shaving cream than do people who don’t experience sensitive skin reactions. Some people find that using plenty of lotion designed for sensitive skin after they shave helps prevent adverse reactions. Consider consulting your dermatologist if you’re not sure about tips for treating sensitive skin and which sensitive skin products are best for you.


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