How Do I Choose the Best Range Hood Filter?

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Choosing the best range hood filter for your kitchen depends on the type of range hood that you have, the type of cooking that you do and the size of your kitchen. There are two basic types of range hood filters. The first are permanent filters, and the second are disposable.

Permanent filters are typically made of aluminum or another metal. They are meant to last for the entire life of your exhaust hood. In order to work most efficiently, the filter needs to be clean. Permanent filters will need to be removed and cleaned on a regular basis.

The manufacturer of the range hood filter will provide you with a recommended schedule for cleaning, as well as the preferred method of doing the cleaning. It is important to follow these recommendations closely. Failure to do so can result in voiding the warranty of not only the filter, but the entire range hood.

A disposable range hood filter is designed to use for a particular period of time. At the end of this time, it is removed and replaced with a fresh filter. Disposable filters are often made of charcoal. Charcoal does an excellent job of filtering and cleaning stale kitchen air.


The choice between permanent or disposable filters will probably be decided by the style of exhaust hood that you purchase. If you choose a range hood with a permanent filter, it should come with the proper filter. If you choose a range hood with a disposable filter, it may be necessary to choose the right filter for your hood.

It is likely that the manufacturer will provide you with a recommended range hood filter for your exhaust fan. If you have a choice between more than one brand and style there are several things to consider. Choosing a disposable range hood filter with charcoal is an excellent way to get the best filtration possible. Also look at the specifications for each filter that you are considering. They should provide a number that you can use to compare efficiency.

Cost is another consideration when choosing filters. The cleaner the filter in your kitchen is, the cleaner the air in your kitchen will be. A clean filter also reduces the stress on the motor in your exhaust hood, prolonging its life.

There are several conditions that may lead to the need to change your filter more frequently than expected. If you have a large kitchen, the exhaust hood will have a great deal of air to filter, which will cause it to need more frequent replacement. Also, if you cook a great deal, especially greasy foods, you will find the range hood filter needs frequent changing.


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