How Do I Choose the Best Quinoa Pasta?

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Quinoa pasta consists of a type of noodle that is made out of related flour. Generally, this pasta is used for consumers who cannot tolerate traditional versions made from wheat flour. The best quinoa pasta that you can choose depends on the recipe as well as the overall taste that you desire. Certain versions of the noodles consist of a blend with other types of flour as well as quinoa. Wheat noodles are more common in grocery stores, but there are many places that you can find quinoa substitutes.

Traditional pasta is made from wheat flour, most of which goes through an enriching process. Some people cannot tolerate the gluten proteins in wheat, so they do not eat such products; this condition is most commonly known as Celiac disease. If you are watching your daily carbohydrate intake, then quinoa pasta is a good alternative because it contains less carbohydrates than conventional types. Others simply choose this type of pasta for its heartier taste and health benefits, such as dietary fiber.

Pasta is available in a variety of shapes that provide different textures to the dishes that you create. At the same time, certain types of noodles hold best when you are cooking with heartier sauces and cheeses. Quinoa pasta is no exception to this rule. Noodles made from quinoa flour are made in several different shapes to fit your needs for particular dishes, from traditional spaghetti to elbow macaroni.


Some manufacturers of this type of non-wheat pasta also add other ingredients with quinoa flour during processing to give the noodles a different flavor. Corn flour is a common addition, and this ingredient is also gluten-free. Vegetables, such as bell peppers and spinach, also give the noodles flavor as well as color. Generally, these types of quinoa pasta noodles are paired with lighter sauces, since they already contain a great amount of flavor by themselves.

Cooking quinoa pasta generally takes less time than traditional wheat versions, because the flour used breaks down quicker. The reduced boiling process will save you time in the kitchen, but it is important to ensure that the noodles are not overcooked. Unlike other types of pasta, quinoa noodles become soft when they are cooked too long. To add extra flavor, consider adding salt and olive oil to the water before boiling.

These pasta noodles are usually easier to find in South American countries, where quinoa flour originates. While the pasta is not widely available in major food chains in some regions, there are a variety of other ways that you can find the noodles. Health food stores usually carry the pasta, especially outlets that specialize in carrying gluten-free items. Quinoa products are also sold in many online stores, and you might be able to purchase products in bulk at a cheaper price than you would at a grocery store.


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