How Do I Choose the Best Quick Hairstyles for Curly Hair?

Christina Edwards

Naturally curly hair can be very difficult to maintain, and simple quick hairstyles are usually best for this type of hair. For a simple hairstyle, individuals with curly hair can let their hair dry naturally and add a smoothing serum to prevent frizz. Ponytails and half updos are also very simple hairstyles for curly hair, as are braids. Curly hair can be straightened, but this process can be very time consuming and damaging to the hair.

Man with curly hair.
Man with curly hair.

Many people with curly hair find it is very difficult to style their hair. Curly hair has more of a tendency than straight hair to become frizzy. This can make creating hairstyles, especially quick hairstyles for curly hair, somewhat difficult.

Woman with curly hair.
Woman with curly hair.

One of the best quick hairstyles for curly hair is a natural hairstyle. This is very simple to achieve, and most individuals only need to let their curly hair dry naturally after they have taken a shower. Once the hair is completely dry, hair gel can be used to define the curls, and shine or smoothing serum can be used to prevent frizz.

Ponytails are also popular quick hairstyles for curly hair, or any hair for that matter. When creating a curly hair ponytail, all of the hair should be gathered at the back of the head. The tops and the sides should be combed or brushed smooth, and all of the hair can be secured with an elastic hair band. For a more polished or sophisticated ponytail, an extra strand of hair can be wrapped around the hair band to hide it and secured with a hair pin.

Half updos, or half ponytails, are variations of classic ponytails, and these are also quick hairstyles for curly hair. Instead of gathering all the hair at the back of the head, only the top and side portions of the hair are brushed back. Once these sections of hair are pulled back away from the face, they can be secured with an elastic hair band or a clip.

Braids also make excellent easy and quick hairstyles for curly hair. These are made by interweaving three sections of hair. They can be placed at the back of the head or off to the side. Some girls may also prefer to create braided pigtails, which are two braids located on either side of the head.

Although it is time consuming, many curly haired women straighten their hair. This is usually done with a blow dryer and a brush, or a flat iron. Since this process can be damaging and drying, hair should be protected with leave-in conditioner and a heat protecting spray. Straightened curly hairstyles can often be preserved for a few days by using a waterless shampoo to absorb oil and grime on the scalp.

Some women choose to straighten their curly hair with a blow dryer.
Some women choose to straighten their curly hair with a blow dryer.

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@Fa5t3r - Even short curly hair can be styled if you have the right kinds of gels and equipment. Mine isn't a very tight curl, so if I want it to be somewhat straight I'll just go with a slick look (with the understanding that I have to keep an eye on it, because no matter how strong the gel is, it will eventually start curling again).

And there's always the good, old fashioned head band. It can look very cute with short and curly hair.


@browncoat - I think the key thing if you've got curls is to learn how they do best and then don't mess with the formula. If you start trying to straighten them every other day then it's much more difficult and time consuming to make them look good when you are in a hurry and just want your natural look.

So you've either got to commit to giving them a lot of attention every day or to have basically the same texture of hair every day.

Which doesn't mean you can't have different styles. If you've got longer hair you can easily put it up with clips or in a ponytail.


I have fairly short, curly hair and all I do after washing it (and using lots of conditioner) is put in a little bit of gel and scrunch it with a towel to get most of the water out. The scrunching motion helps to start forming the curls.

Then I leave it and let it do its own thing. If I brush out the curls it tends to get wispy or frizzy. And it doesn't knot or anything if I don't brush it.

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