How do I Choose the Best Quad Bike Tours?

L. Burgoon

A quad bike tour gives people the chance to explore areas otherwise inaccessible without off-roading. It can be the experience of a lifetime if consideration is given ahead of the trip to several factors that will help determine the best tour. Those planning to embark on quad bike tours should think about where they want to go, how long they want to ride, desired accommodations, skill level with all-terrain vehicles, and personal temperament. Consideration also should be given to the tour company, namely the expertise of its staff and the tour protections offered. Take all of these issues into consideration when researching trip options and talk extensively with operators to find the best quad bike tours.

Some bike tours will have rugged accommodations, such as tents in the desert.
Some bike tours will have rugged accommodations, such as tents in the desert.

Quad bike tours take place in all sorts of terrain and climates. One tour may travel the sand dunes of Namibia, while another may take place in the Australian bush or along the beach. Decide beforehand what setting is preferred and research tour companies that specialize in that area. Ask the tour company representative to break down the trip itinerary into percentage of time spent on traditional roads versus off-roading to get a sense of how much preferred scenery riders get to see.

Quad bike tours take people to many extreme landscapes, including the desert.
Quad bike tours take people to many extreme landscapes, including the desert.

Accommodation also should factor into choosing the best quad bike tours. Some tours will have more rugged accommodations such as tents in the desert. Others will stop at small inns or motels along the way. Strong preference for any type of housing will help determine which tour to opt for.

While a four wheeler tour usually does not require special abilities, some trips may be better if riders have certain skills. For instance, a tour company may only have manual all-terrain vehicles available. People who can only drive an automatic four wheeler should not choose this option. Some companies also expect riders to be able to complete minor repairs, such as changing a tire, on quad bike tours. Learn about any skill requirements before booking a trip to find the best match.

Personal temperament can make or break a quad bike tour. People who fall ill with too much sun, who hate going without a shower every day, or who have little sense of adventure must in particular carefully choose wisely. There are options that cater to most tastes and personality types; vacationers will have a better experience if they fully research their options ahead of time. Explain any pressing issues to the tour company in advance of the trip to get advice on which option is best.

The tour company’s capabilities also factor into the best quad bike trips. Ask for guide backgrounds and expertise in the area; more experienced leaders probably will result in a better, more informative trip. Also inquire about the protections offered to customers, such as accident insurance, delays caused by poor weather, or cancellation policies. These added benefits create peace of mind and can defend against financial losses from a tour gone awry.

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