How do I Choose the Best Qigong Classes?

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Qigong is the philosophy and practice of aligning breath with mental, physical, and human awareness for overall health. The philosophy calls for intricate movements derived from martial arts. Classes that instruct and teach the philosophies of qigong can be beneficial for individuals who are seeking self-awareness. Personal experience, affordability, teacher qualifications, and the encouragement of qigong philosophies are all factors to consider when selecting a qigong class.

When selecting a quigong class, consider the instructional level, your physical experience, and the qualifications of the instructor. Classes tend to have a beginner, intermediate, and expert levels, and varying levels will require different physical demands. Experienced instructors will offer a comprehensive overview of the ideas, concepts, and philosophies behind qigong. Teachers who are properly qualified will be able to detect if a student is doing something incorrectly, as well as being adequately equipped to properly correct them.

When selecting qigong classes, price and location will likely be factors. Selecting classes that are affordable is important for the beginner. Individuals who are just starting out with qigong classes or who have sporadic schedules, may benefit from one-time payment plans. If you are an avid qigong practitioner, then you may find that monthly payments are more economical. Location will also play an integral part in selecting classes. Some people may prefer a class that is closer to their home, while others may benefit from a class that is closer to their school or place of business.


Many qigong teachers offer classes in large groups or in smaller group settings. Select the type of classes that you are more comfortable with. Smaller groups may allow for more personalized interaction between the students and teacher. Larger groups are generally more impersonal in nature, but may be good to get a feel for quigong in general before signing up for more individualized instruction. Smaller groups do tend to have higher fees associated with them, while classes with a larger student base have lower attendance fees.

Select qigong classes that encourage the students to practice qigong moves, steps, and philosophies outside of the classroom setting in order to further refine the skills. If you have the opportunity, sit in during a class session and ask the teacher and students about what they think about qigong. Inquiring about the class will allow you to gain perspective that can ultimately help you select the qigong class that is right for you.


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