How do I Choose the Best Pygeum Extract?

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There are several factors to be considered when selecting the most appropriate form of pygeum extract for urinary and prostate health. It is important to choose pygeum products made from the highest quality ingredients and manufactured by reputable companies as well as choosing a standardized extract for safe and effective dosing. This extract is derived from the Prunus africana tree and has been used for centuries in African folk medicine to reduce the symptoms of an enlarged prostate, a host of urinary problems in adults and children, and can be used as an inflammation remedy. Most studies performed, to date, indicate that pygeum supplements encourage healing of the urinary tract and prostate gland significantly more often than when a placebo is given. Research is ongoing to determine exactly how effective pygeum extract is as an herbal remedy.

When choosing an appropriate pygeum extract, it is essential to choose one that includes only natural and safe ingredients. As with most other herbal products, several types of naturally occurring chemicals are listed on the label. A well-made extract product will list such ingredients as N-docosanol, triterpenes, and phytosterols, among other naturally occurring compounds. If the consumer is in doubt regarding the ingredients included, most reputable companies will offer more information on their websites or clients can call the company directly for more detailed information.


Many different herbal companies offer pygeum extract, though not all offer the same level of quality in the products. During the selection process it is important to buy from companies with excellent reputations for using high-grade ingredients and practicing earth-friendly or sustainable harvesting techniques. Most holistic medicine experts suggest consumers carefully review supplement manufacturer's ethic and business practices through consumer awareness organizations and client reviews, which can usually be found online. Patients may also consider seeking product advice from their physicians or other medical professional pertaining to which companies and products are considered to be the safest and most effective.

Easy, safe, and convenient dosing options are important when choosing a good pygeum extract as well. The most common dose suggested is 100 to 200 mg daily, which is based on a standardized extract with 14% sterols to be taken twice a day. When used for children suffering from urinary problems, the dosage is lower and should be established by a doctor. Fortunately, this herbal extract is considered safe in almost every situation and has no known adverse drug interactions or contraindications. It is also well tolerated by most people, with stomach upset rarely reported.


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