How do I Choose the Best Purchase Order Software?

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There are several factors that may play a role in choosing the best purchase order software. While your particular needs and preferences may depend on the business you’re in, there are some standards you’ll likely want in the software you choose. For example, you may want software that makes keeping track of purchase orders easy and automatically adds your orders to a database for future reference. Likewise, you may want software that allows you to authorize certain people to create purchase orders and restrict others. You may even prefer purchase order software that allows you to efficiently meet your customers' needs by integrating it with your inventory control system.

When you’re tying to choose the best purchase order software, one of the most important factors to consider is whether the software you're considering will be easy to use. You’ll likely want to choose a program that is user friendly and allows you to create purchase orders efficiently and without hassle. You’ll typically want to choose a program that includes all of the fields you’ll need on your purchase orders as well as a customization option in case you need to alter a field or create a new one.


Keeping track of purchase orders is another important part of running your business successfully. You may need to keep track of the purchase orders you send, for example, including when they were sent, fulfilled, and paid. You may also need a system for keeping track of the purchase orders you receive from other companies. If you choose software that automatically adds the purchase orders you create or receive to a database, keeping track of them may be much easier. With such software, you may determine whether an order has been sent, fulfilled, and paid for without wasted time.

Depending on your company’s particular setup, you may need purchase order software that allows you to restrict the creation of purchase orders. For example, you may want to choose software that allows you to authorize specific people to create and send purchase orders while restricting others from this process. Such software may even allow you to track purchase orders by authorized user in order to stay abreast of the orders employees are placing.

If you receive purchase orders as part of your business, you may also want purchase order software that can be integrated with your inventory control system. This way, you don’t have to manually check inventory when you receive a purchase order. Instead, your linked software may provide an accurate view of what you have in stock, what you’ll need to order, and how quickly you’ll be able to fulfill the customer’s request.


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Full disclosure: I work for this company.

An issue many organizations experience is selecting a solution that meshes with their procurement program, and the rules and workflow within it. Our application, Purchase Tracker, is highly configurable, supports multiple approval workflows, and facilitates auditing by recording all purchase request activity with time/date stamped electronic signatures. A free demo is available.

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The best thing to do before selecting the best purchase order software is to conduct a need assessment for your business. That means examining if you need purchase order tracking, authorizations, and inventory monitoring and what features you may need in the future. Great purchase ordering software should be able to grow with your business, so make sure you pick the right long-term solution.

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