How Do I Choose the Best Public Speaking Courses?

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Choosing the best public speaking courses depends on your goals as a public speaker. In order to address specific problems within your own speaking habits, a public speaking coach is typically ideal. Courses taught in groups, however, often provide opportunities for practice and improvement in more general areas of public speaking. Many people find that acting courses are actually the best public speaking courses when the problem is essentially confidence, but when trying to learn how to effectively convey specific types of information, a course that includes analysis of the text may be a better choice. For many people, the best public speaking courses must also be inexpensive, as an investment in this skill is not always financially justified.

A public speaking course can be structured in a variety of ways, but practicing speaking must be a major component of any course. This is because a major problem many people have when speaking in public is simply lack of experience. Experience can teach a person how to slow down, when a crowd is finished laughing, or even what type of dynamic speaking gets attention best. In addition to practice, the best public speaking courses include theories of speaking and physical exercises that can help increase the speaker's effectiveness.


Some of the best public speaking courses are not classes at all, but rather take the form of workshops. These workshops often involve taking turns giving speeches and then critiquing the performance of the speaker as a group. This type of course is exceptionally valuable for people interested in public speaking because it both builds confidence and provides opportunities to try out techniques in a safe context. Practice is key when learning to speak in public, but having instruction in the form of criticism can help fine-tune a seasoned speaker’s skills.

When looking for the best public speaking courses, it is important to think about what you really want to get out of the course. Employing a little bit of self-evaluation can help you choose a course that will be a good fit for your needs. People who struggle with confidence or actual qualities of the voice, for example, are often better served by basic acting classes than public speaking classes. On the other hand, when a person must learn how to deliver impromptu speeches, a public speaking course may be the only possible option. Talking with the instructor prior to enrollment about why you need a public speaking course can help determine whether the course is a good fit.


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