How do I Choose the Best Proxy Server Software?

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In order to choose the best proxy server software, you should consider the operating system and browser that you use and whether you need proxies only for surfing or for other applications as well. The kind of proxies used is an important consideration, and you may want the option of loading custom proxies. You should also look for software that is updated regularly and that offers good support.

Most proxy software should function on the modern operating systems. If you have a Mac, however, you should check that the software is compatible with the specifications of your machine and the operating system that you are using. Some proxy server software may also require you to install additional software in order to run correctly.

Browser support is another important consideration, especially if you will be using the proxy software for web-based applications only. Most proxy users use proxies to protect their identities while surfing the internet, and good proxy server software should be able to work with the browser of your choice.


Before you purchase proxy server software, you should decide if you plan to use the software for browsing purposes only or if you need additional protection when using instant messenger programs or e-mail clients. Proxy server software that works with just the Internet browser will not hide your IP address while using other applications. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) application should be considered if you need to run programs through a proxy.

The kind of proxies used by the program should be considered as well. Private, or elite proxies, are considered to be the best, and some proxy server software packages will allow users to load the proxies of their choice. This is a very handy feature if you have access to your own private proxies or if you prefer to look for public proxies. If you subscribe to a VPN service, the software should already include proxy servers as part of the service. Even though this offers less flexibility, it is an easy and affordable alternative to creating or renting your own proxies.

Proxy server software should be updated regularly, and you should check that the purchase price includes future updates. Software that is updated regularly offers better performance and can offer better protection to its users. Any problems with the software that are discovered can usually be fixed with the next upgrade.

Good proxy server software should offer good customer support. Most companies will offer support, after purchase, though e-mail or live chat. Using proxy software can be daunting, especially to novices, so it's good to know that help is just an e-mail or message away.


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