How do I Choose the Best Protein Shake Mixer?

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Frequent users of protein shakes often buy their own shake mixer. To select the best protein shake mixer, you should consider both your lifestyle and whether you need a mixer that can blend other ingredients into your protein shake.

Many households already own a metal immersion blender or a standard kitchen blender. Each is capable of quickly blending a shake with no risk of protein powder lumps, and they are each also capable of blending ice or fruit into the protein drink. Neither is particularly portable, however, and both require access to a power supply. They can be a good option for someone who works or exercises at home and doesn't need to carry a mixer throughout the day.

Another option is the small, wand-style protein shake mixer. These hand-held devices have a battery in the handle and a rotating wand that blends up shakes more quickly and thoroughly than a mixer bottle. Some are designed so that the handle and the wand come apart and can be packed in a carrying case for easy portability. The disadvantages of a wand mixer are that the batteries can go dead at inconvenient times, you still need to tote a cup with you, and the wand mixer can't always chop ice or blend up fruit.


Probably the simplest and most inexpensive protein shake mixer is the "mixer cup" or "mixer bottle." These products are equipped with a tight seal so that you can vigorously shake your drink without the risk of the contents spraying all over the room. The mixer bottle's main advantages are that it doesn't require batteries or electricity and that it is truly portable. On the other hand, mixing cups and bottles generally require very vigorous shaking in order thoroughly mix the protein shake powder and to break up any lumps. This can make it difficult for those with medical problems, such as arthritis, to shake the mix to their desired consistency.

Some mixing cups contain a device, such as a little wire ball or a grate, for the purpose of breaking up clumps of shake mix. Unfortunately, no amount of shaking will blend in ice or fruit, so those who need these additions may need to purchase an immersion or counter top blender for their shakes and smoothies.


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Post 8

They have made a lot of improvements to the taste of protein powder in recent years. I first started making protein shakes around 25 years ago and they only had one choice which was vanilla, and it wasn't all that great.

Now most companies offer more than one flavor and they don't taste so bad. I used the battery operated wand for a long time and have also used a mixer cup. You want to make sure you have the lid on tight when you start shaking the cup. I learned this the hard way and have had to clean up more than one mess this way.

Post 7

I don't like using a protein shake mixer cup simply because I like a lot of variety in my shakes. If I am just going to mix some protein powder with milk, I wouldn't have one very often. A mixer cup doesn't work very well with all the things I like to add to my protein shake.

Post 6

I have used every protein shake mixer listed here and all of them have their advantages. For me it just depends on what I am putting in my shake and where I am.

I leave my Vita-Mix sitting out on the counter at home. This is really easy to make any kind of shake or smoothie. You can put all kinds of things in here, including ice and have a thick, creamy shake.

Since I leave it sitting out all the time, I use it several times a week and it only takes a couple minutes from start to clean-up.

Post 5

I have a whey protein shake for lunch every day. This is easy, quick and keeps me full so I am not tempted to snack on junk food.

I carry a mixer cup with me and already have the protein powder measured out before I leave for work every day. Since I am not mixing any kind of fruit or anything else with this shake, this works out best when I am away from home.

It is important to really mix it thoroughly though. I probably shake it longer than I need to, but I don't like drinking a lumpy protein shake.

Post 3

Investing in a really good blender is vital if you want to make some more elaborate protein shakes. For myself I purchased a high end blender that can crush ice and fruit without problems.

The reason I went all out on a blender was that I often work at home and like to have my shakes for breakfast and sometimes between meals. I love to add fruit and ice to my shakes, creating not just a protein shake but a genuinely tasty smoothie.

A great breakfast shake mix is one with a banana protein mix base, water and some added fruit. I love to add real bananas and strawberries to the mix, and occasionally some other seasonal berries. The resulting mix is amazing for giving you a great energy boost in the morning.

Post 2

I know people who drink a lot of protein shakes at work, and what they decided to do was just to bring a small, inexpensive blender to work and leave it there. I think this works for the most part, but it might depend on the type of shake mix. There are so many protein shake diets and products, it can vary a lot as to which of these is best.

Post 1

I started using protein shakes when I wanted to build some muscle for summer. For me, the best protein shake mixer really depends on what flavor of protein powder you buy.

One of my favorite protein powders came in chocolate and if you mixed it with skim milk it tasted just like a chocolate milk you would buy in stores.

For myself I never used a blender, just a bottle with a lid. I would put the milk and chocolate protein powder in together and give it a really good shake up. If I wanted it extra creamy I might add a scoop of ice cream to the mix.

Using a mixer wand to blend your protein mix is only a good idea if you have added something tougher to the mix, or have a thicker protein base.

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