How do I Choose the Best Proposal Software?

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When choosing proposal software there are a few factors to consider: your needs and requirements, the kind of data and content you want to incorporate into your reports, whether there are custom templates, and if the software will allow you to do custom branding. Other features to look for are consistent content, data storage, and the option to either print the proposals or create data files. The best proposal software will suit your needs and offer some, if not all, of these features.

Consider the format that you use when compiling proposals. If you have clients with unique specifications or if you have to deliver proposals in specific formats, a software package with variable formats is a good option. The best software package should allow you to alter templates, adding, editing, or removing text when needed.

The best proposal software packages will allow you to use figures as well. This is especially important when detailed pricing information, calculations, or configurations are needed in a proposal. A good proposal software package should allow entry of information such as pricing tables or allow that information to be imported.

Branding can be important when creating proposals, and a good proposal software package will include this option. If different individuals in your company create proposals you may also want to ensure that all proposals are consistent in style. Consistency helps create a company image, and being able to custom brand your proposals can foster the impression of professionalism.


Some proposal software packages function as software as a service. Software of this kind offers access to users via the Internet. This type of proposal software prevents information from being stored on a local computer, and helps maintain consistency of data for all users. Data consistency is very important when collaborating, and having immediate access to data updates will ensure that up-to -date information is available for each user.

A good proposal program will allow you to keep track of any changes made to the documents. This feature can save a lot of time when a salesperson leaves the company, or is replaced by someone new. If proposals are stored on the system it allows others to view the the different versions and take over the account.


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