How Do I Choose the Best Propane Stove?

Sherry Holetzky

A propane stove for the home is much like any other stove. These stoves look similar and have similar features to natural gas stoves found in many kitchens. There are also portable variations of the propane stove, often called camp stoves or portable stoves that are designed for outdoor use, such as for camping, picnicking, barbecues, or tailgate parties. Depending on your intended use, you will need to determine the appropriate type, size, and possibly the brand that best suits your needs. Check for safety features, parts that may be included or that need to be purchased separately, and keep a copy of any warranties.

There are various designs for the propane stove.
There are various designs for the propane stove.

If you wish to have a propane stove in your home, it is much like a natural gas stove and allows for cooking over an open flame. Stoves can be converted for use with either type of gas, and cooking with propane really isn’t all that different from cooking with natural gas. Adjust the flame as appropriate and follow the usual directions for your favorite recipes.

Outdoor propane stoves are great for cookouts.
Outdoor propane stoves are great for cookouts.

Outdoor propane stoves are great for cookouts and especially for adventures because they are portable. Keep in mind that a stove designed for outdoor use should never be used indoors or in any enclosed space. A kitchen stove is designed differently, while a camp stove still gives off enough carbon monoxide to be dangerous if used indoors.

There are various designs for the propane stove, including some that fold right up and are carried as is, while others include a special carrying case. Some are simple with one burner while others may have two, three, or four burners, or include a griddle, allowing you to prepare an entire meal all at one time. You may only need a single burner to warm up specific items, or you may decide you would rather have multiple burners, even if you don’t always use them all at once.

Once you have decided on the size and type of propane stove you’d like look at other details. A built-in ignition is a good feature, as it makes lighting the stove simpler and safer. There are two types, electronic and flint ignitions. The first works with a single press of the ignition button, which will continue attempting to light the stove until it succeeds. The latter requires you to continue pushing the button again and again until success is achieved.

Also, check to make sure all assembly hardware and other parts or accessories are included in your propane stove purchase, such as a hose and regulator for the gas. If not, check for a list of appropriate parts and make sure they are readily available and reasonably priced, or you may want to look for a different brand. Compare warranties and keep in mind that most warranties don’t cover damage if the stove is used inappropriately.

A propane tank for a stove.
A propane tank for a stove.

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