How Do I Choose the Best Prom Hairstyles for Straight Hair?

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Prom is arguably one of the most important and exciting events for many young women. As such, ensuring that the hairstyle chosen fits the event nicely is usually essential. Though there are a variety of prom hairstyles for straight hair available, finding the best one for you depends on several variables. The type of hair and face shape tends to be the most important factors for several girls. Other factors include if a professional stylist is doing the hair, the girl's personality, and the type of dress.

To find the best prom hairstyles for straight hair, it is important to consider the type of hair you have. Naturally straight hair may be harder to style as it has the risk of not holding many styles beyond a long, flowing hairstyle. This is especially true for fine straight hair, which may slip out of a chignon. Hair that is straightened or coarser may stay in an intricate updo easily, but may also appear more frizzy or damaged in certain hairstyles.


Face shape is also important when choosing prom hairstyles for straight hair. Round faces may appear even more round in a French bun or loose, especially if the hair is also fine. A side part, layers or braided crown may reduce the roundness. Oblong faces or those with higher foreheads may look best wearing hairstyles with bangs, while hairstyles that are half up or feature layers tend to go well with most face shapes. It is recommended to try a variety of hairstyles that match your face shape before deciding on the final look, and then a professional stylist may be able to assist in making the final decision.

It is normally important for prom hairstyles for straight hair to match the personality of the girl as well as the dress. Edgy personalities may do well with straight hairstyles that are imperfect, such as relaxed versions of a chignon or French bun, or scrunched loose prom hairstyles. More serious girls may prefer hairstyles that are sleek and may prefer to use products, such as hair serum or gels, to keep the hair shiny and in place throughout the night. If the dress has straps or interesting detailing near the top, a hairstyle that is up or half up may look best. Loose hair is best suited for strapless dresses to balance the overall look.

Whether or not a professional hairstylist will assist in creating the hairstyle may influence the prom hairstyles for straight hair that are chosen. This is because a salon may be able to create looks that are more intricate. Although this may be a positive point for many, it is also important to be able to re-create the look if necessary because it is possible for the hairstyle to become loose or undone during the event. If this does happen and you are unable to re-create the look, choosing a second hairstyle that you may do easily on your own may be advantageous.


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