How Do I Choose the Best Project Finance Books?

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Project finance is a way to finance projects with non-recourse loans. In other words, when a lender finances a business venture, he or she is repaid with money that a project generates. If you are looking for project finance books, you first might want to decide if there is any particular information you need to find. For example, if you are thinking about finding funding for your own project, you should seek project finance books that give you tips for how to find lenders and how to write and negotiate contracts.

Risk management is a major aspect of project finance, so the best project finance books are likely to dedicate significant time to this issue. Before lending money, a lender considers how he or she might be repaid should undesirable events have negative impacts on projects. Project finance plans tend to be structured to reduce negative impacts of undesirable events.

If you are interested in lending money to fund a project, then you may want to choose project finance books that can inform you about warning signs to look out for and when to know that you are making a smart investment. If possible, choose a book that focuses primarily on a field or industry related to your situation.


Inaccurate or dated information can be dangerous for any professional who is interested in project finance. If you are interested project finance books about real estate projects, for example, you choose a text that was written within the last several years. The housing market changes often, and old data might encourage you to make decisions that are unwise in a current market.

You should also check the credentials of authors of project finance books. Individuals who are interested in historical or academic perspectives might choose authors who have experience in academia or who have written other popular books about project finance. If you are more interested in books that provide you with tips for practical application, you should choose books by authors who have much experience on either side of project finance. An entrepreneur who has successfully financed a number of projects, for example, potentially could be a good author to read for an individual who would like to some basic guidelines.

Common resources for finding the best project finance books are finance and trade periodicals. For example, a popular finance magazine for a general audience might publish review about project finance books for people starting their own companies. A software trade magazine, on the other hand, might publish information specifically about project finance in the software industry.


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