How do I Choose the Best Progesterone Capsules?

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You may decide to take progesterone capsules, as these are often recommended to women for various reasons. If you have perused the benefits of the many forms of progesterone supplements and decided on capsules, there are still a few decisions to make. For example, you need to choose between oral and vaginal progesterone capsules, as each one is considered best for different purposes. Once you have narrowed down your choice, talk to your doctor to make sure that the brand you are considering is right for you.

Progesterone capsules can be taken orally, and this form is usually prescribed to treat issues involving the menstrual period and menopause. For example, one of its uses is to prevent amenorrhea, which is the sudden disappearance of menstrual periods, though this capsule can also combat the thickening of the uterine lining during ovarian hormone therapy after menopause. The benefit of this form of progesterone is that it is convenient since it is taken by mouth rather than being injected, applied to the skin, or taken vaginally. The downside is that it is not usually as strong as other types of progesterone since the liver needs to process it, breaking down a lot of the hormone. Additionally, irritability and lethargy often accompany the usage of oral progesterone capsules.


If you need to add this hormone to your body to help treat infertility, you should consider progesterone capsules that can be taken vaginally. They may be prescribed to help maintain a pregnancy, as lack of progesterone is sometimes the cause of miscarriage. Unlike capsules that are taken orally, vaginal suppositories are not usually convenient to take since they must be inserted up to three times a day. Additionally, they can be messy since they tend to warm up, causing liquid to leak out gradually. The benefit is that they are usually considered more effective than the oral form since they do not need to be digested first.

Once it is decided that you need to take progesterone capsules, your doctor should guide you in the task of choosing the best one. The purpose of the capsules will be taken into consideration, as well as the level of convenience. Additionally, you should consider which brand is covered by your insurance provider, if any, as a big difference in cost may make your decision easier. Most brands of progesterone capsules contain the same ingredients, which usually means that they have the same side effects. Thus, the decision often comes down to smaller details like price and convenience.


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