How do I Choose the Best Professional Mandoline?

G. Wiesen

As you are considering a professional mandoline, you should think about your own needs and the types of slicing you will be doing. You should also consider the materials the mandoline is made from, the different blades that may come with it, how adjustable it is with regard to the thickness of the cuts you can make, and how easily it can be cleaned. You should also look for a professional mandoline that comes with a hand guard, and you may want to choose one with a long-term warranty.

A good mandoline is dishwasher safe.
A good mandoline is dishwasher safe.

A professional mandoline, often spelled “mandolin,” is a kitchen utensil used to cut different foods into regular, thin slices. These cutters are often used for vegetables and foods such as potatoes, carrots, and onions to produce even slices. They can also be used to produce matchstick cuts by using a matchstick blade on the slicer.

Fresh vegetables for a tian or other casserole can be thinly sliced using a mandoline.
Fresh vegetables for a tian or other casserole can be thinly sliced using a mandoline.

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There are a number of considerations to keep in mind as you look for a professional mandoline, such as how well made the slicer is. Many mandolines are made from stainless steel, which is often best for durability, though commercial-grade plastics can also be durable. You should look at the different blades provided. Most mandolines will include a basic straight blade, but you should look for one that also includes blades for waffle cuts, matchsticks, and julienne cuts as well.

You should look for a professional mandoline that allows you to alter the thickness of the slices you make. Some mandolines can be adjusted among a few predetermined settings, while other slicers can be adjusted manually to achieve a wide range of thicknesses. It can also be beneficial to consider how a mandoline can be cleaned, as a slicer that can be cleaned in a dishwasher may save you a great deal of time in the long run.

A couple of additional features you may want to look for in a professional mandoline are a hand guard to protect your hand and a warranty. A hand guard typically has small spikes that stick into the food to help provide stability and a large enough handle for you to grip comfortably. A small hand guard may still expose your hand to injury from the blade, so you should look for one that properly fits your hand. You may also want to consider the warranty provided with a professional mandoline, as this will help insure your device and can provide you with insight into how well made the manufacturer believes its products to be.

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