How do I Choose the Best Pregnancy Yoga DVD?

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Choosing a pregnancy yoga DVD is a fairly simple process when the expectant mother takes into consideration her fitness level, how far into her pregnancy she is, and the different features available on the DVD. Each factor plays a crucial role in finding the best pregnancy yoga DVD that an expectant mother will use over and over. The best pregnancy yoga DVDs include different exercises for each trimester of pregnancy. This encourages a mother to try moves that will most benefit her and her baby through every stage of development.

Yoga for pregnancy, also known as prenatal yoga, is key to keeping both mother and child healthy. Exercise and diet are an important part of pregnancy fitness and yoga can provide an effective yet low impact workout for expectant mothers. If a woman has trouble with the yoga stretches, she can modify them to be more comfortable and to put less strain on her body. Even a mild workout provides health benefits and can help a woman feel happy and more energetic during her pregnancy.


Mothers should start their search by identifying how often they exercise and at what level. If a mother rarely exercises, she should stick with a beginner DVD. It's important for expectant mothers to be honest with themselves about fitness level to avoid injury while performing yoga moves. Women who exercise frequently can use a beginner DVD if they feel more comfortable, but can also consider a more advanced DVD to give them a thorough workout and keep them in shape during the pregnancy.

Next a woman should see what different routines the pregnancy yoga DVD offers and if it covers the three different trimesters. While a DVD covering only one trimester can still provide a good workout, the expectant mother may need to buy another DVD as she advances in her pregnancy. A woman should also check with her doctor before starting a new exercise routine to make sure it is safe for her and her baby.

Features are the final item to look for in a pregnancy yoga DVD. The DVD should provide clear instructions with at least one person on screen demonstrating each move in slow motion. Checking the types of exercises, such as floor work or stretches, the DVD includes will let a mother know whether or not she can perform the exercises. A mother may have problems performing certain stretches or exercises and should find a DVD that uses an easier type of exercise.


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Post 3

@ysmina-- I second the tip about reading customer reviews. I did not do that when purchasing my pregnancy yoga DVD. To my disappointment, it turned out very slow and boring.

Although I'm not a yoga buff, I have taken yoga classes on and off over the years. This video I used basically put me to sleep, it was that slow.

I also recommend getting a DVD that has different sections / levels for different stages of pregnancy. For example, there should be three levels, for the first, second and third trimesters. That way, women who buy the DVD during the first trimester can benefit from it during the entire pregnancy.

Post 2

@stoneMason-- I think pregnancy yoga will help her sister. Just make sure that she has her doctor's approval first and select a beginner's DVD if she's never done yoga before. There are many different types of pregnancy yoga instructional DVDs out there. It's difficult to say which is best but you can read customer reviews to get an idea about them.

Post 1

My sister is six months pregnant and experiencing a lot of back pain. She is in pain almost all the time and she told me that she has trouble getting sleep also. I'm worried about her and have been looking for solutions other than medications as she cannot take them during pregnancy. I came across pregnancy yoga and I'm wondering if this can help relieve her pain a little bit.

Has anyone here benefited from pregnancy yoga in such a way? What type of DVD should I get for my sister? Will a beginner's pregnancy yoga DVD work for her?

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