How do I Choose the Best PowerPoint&Reg; Class?

G. Wiesen

Choosing the best PowerPoint® class can be made quite a bit easier by determining what you need from such a class and ensuring that you meet the requirements for any class you take. If you are just looking for a little experience with using PowerPoint® in a classroom setting where you can learn and experiment, then you might find a basic computer science class sufficient for your needs. More advanced classes can typically be taken as well, though these classes may require lower level computer science courses first. You might also consider teaching yourself PowerPoint® through using books and websites that provide tutorials and instruction, rather than taking a PowerPoint® class.

Choosing the best PowerPoint class depends on the level of instruction desired.
Choosing the best PowerPoint class depends on the level of instruction desired.

A PowerPoint® class teaches students how to use PowerPoint®, often focusing on creating presentations and the various options available in the program. PowerPoint® is a program that allows users to create presentations, usually in a slideshow format, and can incorporate audio and video information along with still frame images and text. A PowerPoint® class can be beneficial for anyone interested in learning to use PowerPoint®, especially some of the more advanced features of the program such as animated text and slide changes as well as adding music or video.

PowerPoint classes may include instruction on how to use presentation technology, including digital projectors.
PowerPoint classes may include instruction on how to use presentation technology, including digital projectors.

You can typically find a good PowerPoint® class offered by most colleges and universities that offer computer courses. A basic introductory computer science class can typically be taken, which focuses on using programs that can be beneficial for students, such as word processing software and presentation programs. This class would likely teach what you need to know to use PowerPoint® sufficiently for presentations in business or other classes. You may be able to take a more advanced PowerPoint® class as well, though introductory courses may be a prerequisite for such classes.

While a PowerPoint® class can be attended to teach you to use PowerPoint®, you might also consider teaching yourself. There are many books and websites available to teach you to use PowerPoint®, though you will need your own computer to work with. Classes can be advantageous since they provide you with a computer and software to use, and PowerPoint® software can be fairly expensive. These books and websites will typically present various lessons that show you how to use PowerPoint®, as well as tutorials that guide you through creating a presentation with various features. This is typically analogous to taking a PowerPoint® class, though you will not have a teacher to ask questions of if you have any problems.

Most colleges and universities offer PowerPoint classes.
Most colleges and universities offer PowerPoint classes.

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Learning how to use Power Point is not hard, but like many tech things, it can be overwhelming because there is so much you can do with it.

There are some online PowerPoint classes that you can take at your own pace. I downloaded one to my computer so can look at the information any time I need a refresher.

I find myself using most of the same features over and over again and whenever I want to try something new and different, it is nice to have some good tips.


I don't have much spare time on my hands, but needed to learn how to make effective slide presentations. I bought a "Dummies" book to get me started and give me some good pointers.

I know there are PowerPoint courses that you can pay for and enroll in, but I found that this was an effective way for me. The best experience I found was just spending time exploring all the features and trying them out.

It was nice to have the book to refer to and highlight important features, but I learn better by doing than by someone else telling me how to do it.


I enrolled in an adult education course through our local community college to learn some basic skills in creating Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. This course met once a week for a few weeks and was very reasonably priced. This was not for any college credit, but just for my own benefit.

It was nice to have someone who was very knowledgeable about computers and Microsoft Office programs teach this class. I took good notes and learned a lot of information that I would have never learned on my own.

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