How do I Choose the Best Potassium Supplement?

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Before you choose choose the best potassium supplement, you should first consult your doctor to ensure that you need supplementation. Although having a potassium level that is too low can be harmful to your health and sense of well-being, having a level that is too high can be equally as damaging. Once you have determined that you do have a potassium deficiency, you can choose the best supplement by talking with your doctor, pharmacist, or health food store salesperson.

For severe deficiencies, a prescription supplement may be recommended. These are not always better or worse than over the counter varieties, but taking a prescribed supplement will allow your doctor to keep more accurate notes of how much you are taking and how effective that dosage is. He or she can then change your dosage if it is determined that you need more or less supplementation.


If your doctor recommends taking an over the counter supplement for a mild deficiency, you can choose the best potassium supplement based on many factors. Price is one issue that most consumers are concerned about, so choosing a potassium supplement you can able to afford is important. Even if you can find a more potent variety elsewhere, if you can’t foot the bill month after month, it will do you little good. If price is not much of an issue, you may be able to find supplements in the health food store nearest you. These tend to have fewer additives and preservatives.

The form in which your supplement comes is another thing to consider when you choose the best potassium supplement. Some studies have indicated that liquid vitamins and minerals are more easily absorbed by the body, and are therefore more effective. Liquids are also more effective for those who have trouble swallowing pills. Some supplements may also be made from food products, making them more efficiently used by the body.

With your doctor’s guidance, you may go about finding the best potassium supplement by trying various brands and types and comparing the results. Common symptoms of a potassium deficiency may include fatigue and overall sluggishness or lack of focus. Try each supplement for one month, and if you do not get the results you want, try a different one. Keep in mind, however, that if symptoms consistently persist or reappear, you may be suffering from something other than a potassium deficiency.


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People need to read more. The need for adults is 3-4 grams per day. We get half that in the food. The human stomach is not large enough to get the daily mineral requirements due to the soil depletion, even from organic foods.

Supplement or die: iodine, selenium, boron, magnesium, potassium, and for some, zinc.

Post 2

Before taking supplements, I would suggest trying to eat high potassium foods, like bananas, at a higher rate first. Unless you are diagnosed with a deficiency taking extra amounts of something like potassium, of which is actually possible to have too much, could be risky.

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What benefits can I expect if I take Potassium Sulphate celloid tablets?

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