How do I Choose the Best Postpartum Wrap?

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If you are concerned with getting your pre-pregnancy body back after you deliver, you should start considering purchasing a postpartum wrap. This kind of garment uses pressure to allow you to get back your original body shape, but there are various types on the market. One of the first details to consider is the type you want, as some shape the stomach, while others concentrate on the hips. You will also need to consider the material it is made out of, especially in warm climates. Of course, you need to find one that fits you well postpartum.

Most women are concerned with the expansion of their belly during pregnancy, and want to make sure that they can have a flat stomach after they deliver. The concern is valid since it usually takes months for the uterus to shrink, and for the organs to get back into place, so it is understandable if you are impatient about waiting for this to occur naturally. A girdle that wraps around the stomach may be best for you in this case. Of course, what some women do not realize before pregnancy is that their hips will likely expand, as well. For this reason, there is also a postpartum wrap that is meant for the hip area, with the goal of shrinking the hips over time.


With all the wraps on the market, it is not surprising that there is a wide range of materials to choose from. Many are made of cotton or spandex, but there have been complaints of such types of postpartum wrap being too hot to wear comfortably, especially in warm climates. For this reason, many women prefer fabric that wicks moisture away from the body and allows the area to breathe rather than heat up quickly. A bamboo postpartum wrap usually features these benefits, and is considered eco-friendly as a bonus.

You may be confused about the best size of postpartum wrap for you, especially if you are still pregnant. If you are purchasing the wrap in your eighth month, you should measure your belly around its widest point, as you will likely be that size just after delivery. If you are due within a week, you should measure your waist and then subtract three to five inches (7.6 to 12.7 cm). If you have already had the baby, and are searching for a postpartum wrap, you should just use your current waist size and buy one based on that. Most manufacturers of wraps provide more information, such as sizing charts, if you have questions.


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Post 2

This article is a great resource! I really recommend that our customers shop around and look for wraps that are going to provide the most support for both the abdomen and the back/hips immediately after childbirth.

Post 1

I did online researches and asked my ob about the benefits of post baby wrapping. It seems the cinch tummy wrap is the best because it is fully adjustable and it helps with stomach, back and hip also.

I received the cinch for my baby shower and have been using if for the past eight weeks. Not only I am down to my pre-baby size, I feel my stomach has toned and my back feels supported also.

I did not experience any of the postpartum problems like my friends who did not use a postpartum wrap had. This product is the best thing ever for new moms. I would highly recommend it to all new moms.

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