How Do I Choose the Best Postgraduate Journalism Program?

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Deciding on your career and educational goals will help you choose the best postgraduate journalism program for you. Before you enroll in such courses, however, you will most likely need to complete an undergraduate degree in journalism or a related field. Consider, too, the rapidly evolving field of journalism before you decide to enroll in a postgraduate journalism program; the best ones will offer plenty of classes and other opportunities regarding new media journalism and Internet reporting, as traditional print journalism has become less prominent in the last several decades.

Start by researching postgraduate journalism programs in your area. Colleges and universities will be the most obvious places to search, and if the program is up to date, the coursework will focus on all types of journalism, new and old. Look for signs that the postgraduate journalism program is current by looking for classes that cover blogging, backpack journalism, technology, the Internet, and more. The classes should be taught by experienced journalists with many years in the field, but more importantly, the classes should be taught by journalists with hands-on experience with new reporting techniques and current technology. A list of instructors is usually available on the program's website or by inquiring with the school.


Consider your reasons for wanting a postgraduate journalism education. Some current journalists may choose to take courses to advance their skills, while a person outside the industry entirely may want to gain a thorough understanding of the inner workings of journalism. One's career goals will often dictate which program is best because the program will cater to that person's specific needs. A person who wants an education in broadcast journalism, for example, may not benefit much from a program that focuses primarily on print media.

Try to eliminate any schools that are not accredited from consideration. Accreditation ensures the program is offering a high quality education that will be recognized by employers and respected by educational institutions. Think carefully about your budget for enrolling as well, and remember that most programs require an application fee. Take a look at tuition rates before you enroll, and think about how you will secure funding that will allow you to pay those tuition fees.


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