How do I Choose the Best Portable Surge Protector?

N. Madison
N. Madison

You may consider many factors when you are trying to choose the best portable surge protector. You may, for example, look for one that is very small yet offers a suitable number of outlets. You may also prefer a model that has a long cord and a flat plug for convenience. Comparing warranties may help you to choose as well; choosing the model that offers the best warranty protection may mean your electrical devices are replaced if the surge protector fails to do its job.

Lightning is one potential cause of power surges.
Lightning is one potential cause of power surges.

One of the most important things to consider when you are trying to choose the best portable surge protector is whether or not the model you select will really provide protection from power surges. Many stores sell power strips that contain multiple outlets but do not protect electrical equipment. A person may buy one of these by accident because it resembles a surge protector. Reading the labeling on a portable surge protector’s packaging may help ensure that you do not purchase the wrong item. If the device is not in a package, you may ask a store representative for assistance.

Another consideration for when you are trying to choose the best portable surge protector is size. Since you want this portable surge protector to be easy to move about and take with you from place to place, you may do well to choose the smallest surge protector possible. At the same time, however, you may want to make sure the surge protector has enough outlets to meet your needs if you want to plug in several devices at one time.

You may also consider cord length important when you are attempting to choose the best portable surge device. Since it’s not always possible to position a surge protector as close to an electrical socket as you would like, choosing a surge protector with a lengthy cord may prove beneficial. You may also do well to consider a portable surge protector that has a flat plug head. This may allow you to squeeze it in behind furniture and appliances. As such, you may use the surge protector in places in which it would normally be difficult to plug in your devices.

It may also prove beneficial to select a portable surge protector that comes with a warranty. Some surge protector warranties have replacement clauses. For example, if you plug your computer into a portable surge protector and it sustains serious damage because of the surge protector's failure, you may qualify for a replacement computer if it was protected by the warranty. You may do well to read the terms of the warranty before you purchase a surge protector, however, as some warranties may be better than others.

N. Madison
N. Madison

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