How do I Choose the Best Porch Cover?

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Choosing the best kind of porch cover means first considering the kind of shelter that one hopes to enjoy while spending time on their porch. There are permanent porch covers that are attached to one or more sides of the adjoining building, and are only removed in the process of a remodel. These may be made of wood, brick concrete, aluminum, glass, or a combination of these materials. Awnings are a less sturdy kind of porch cover that may be retractable based on the needs of the people who use the porch. An option for those who only want limited shelter is a trellis, which will allow some sun to shine through or, in some cases, rain and snow.

One of the benefits of a permanent porch cover is that it offers more significant shelter than the other kinds of covers mentioned above. This kind of porch cover is also usually much more sturdy than the other kinds of porch covers. Trellises can also be rather sturdy. A permanent porch cover, however, is much like a roof in that it permanently blocks out the weather to a certain extent, meaning that it blocks out sunlight. The exception to this rule is when the porch cover is made with transparent or translucent materials such as glass.


Awnings are less sturdy but have the benefit of coming in retractable forms. This means that they can be extended to offer shade and protection from light rain. They can also be retracted when one would like to enjoy sitting in the sun. It is quite likely that an awning will need more upkeep than a permanent porch cover. Some people choose to forgo a porch cover altogether and, instead purchase a picnic table with a wide umbrella that can be extended as needed.

A trellis is a wonderful porch cover option for gardeners. This is because creeping vines can be trained to grow over a trellis. Just be sure that the trellis is strong enough to hold the weight of the vines. As such, a trellis can be used as a porch cover in instances in which people want to maximize their green spaces. Instead of offering much shelter, a trellis simply gives the sense of an enclosed space and can be used to define a specific seating area on a porch.


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