How Do I Choose the Best Popcorn Bag?

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The best way to choose a popcorn bag to meet your specific needs is to consider factors such as durability and sizing. There are a number of different types of popcorn bags, and rigid tubs are an option as well, so the way you plan to use them should have a significant impact on your choice. Simple paper bags are sufficient if you use an air popper without applying any butter or oil, and can actually be used to make popcorn in a microwave as well. If you do apply butter or oil to your popcorn, then you will want to choose a popcorn bag or tub that has a protective waxy coating. The sizing of a popcorn bag can be important as well, and if you are in the business of selling popcorn, you should keep several different sizes on hand.


Popcorn bags are commonly used to serve popcorn at events, and sell it in venues such as movie theaters, though they can also be used at home. The best type of popcorn bag can vary from one situation to another, so it is important to consider your needs when making a choice. If you are looking for a bag that you can use to prepare popcorn in a microwave, then plain, brown paper bags are an inexpensive choice. These bags are also good for serving popcorn at home if you avoid using oil and butter. If you do like to use oil, or need popcorn bags for your business, then you should look for a more durable option.

For commercial operations, and any time you are serving popcorn to the public, you will want to look for bags that will not allow oil to soak through. Paper popcorn bags that have been treated with a wax coating are good for this purpose, though popcorn tubs are another popular option. Bags are typically easier to store and dispose of than tubs, since the paper tends to be thinner. They are also typically less expensive, though tubs tend to be more resilient. Another option is known as a pop-open tub, which is a type of bag that consists of flat cardstock that can be popped open into a rectangular tub.

In addition to durability, you should also consider sizing when choosing the best popcorn bag. If you are just serving popcorn at home, then bags that hold about four or five cups are a good single serving size. For promotional purposes that involve giving away popcorn for free, bags that are smaller than this are usually a better idea. If you are in the business of selling popcorn, then you will typically want to obtain a number of different sizes, from small four cup bags to tubs that hold several quarts.


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