How Do I Choose the Best Poly-Wood® Adirondack Chair?

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Poly-Wood® resin is a type of plastic that is molded to mimic the look of wood while still maintaining the weatherproof qualities and durability of plastic. Choosing the best Poly-Wood® Adirondack chair will involve finding a chair made with Poly-Wood®, which is in turn made from recycled plastics. Most manufacturers clearly state how much of the material is recycled, which gives you the opportunity to choose the most eco-friendly Poly-Wood® Adirondack chair. Aside from the content of the plastic, choose a Poly-Wood® Adirondack chair that is comfortable, durable, and in keeping with the traditional style of the Adirondack chair.

An Adirondack chair is traditionally made with wood, and the design is fairly simple. Early versions of the Adirondack chair were constructed out of eleven pieces of wood which were very often cut from one piece of lumber. More modern versions feature more pieces of wood and a more ornate style, though the key elements remain: a sloped seat and seat back to give extra comfort and ergonomic support, wide armrests for comfort and function, and sturdy, slanted legs. The Poly-Wood® Adirondack chair you choose should mimic this design as closely as possible, though some variations may exist for style and comfort.


Be sure to sit in the Poly-Wood® Adirondack chair you are considering for a fair amount of time to judge its comfort and durability. The best chair will be comfortable after several minutes of sitting, and the structure will be strong enough to handle your weight when you shift in the chair without wobbling, creaking, or otherwise moving in ways it should not move. Poly-Wood® is a fairly strong plastic, stronger than other types of plastic, in fact, so shifting or creaking should not be a common problem.

Just as important as the plastic resin used to construct the chair is the hardware used to connect the plastic planks together. Be sure high-quality hardware is used; stainless or galvanized steel hardware is best, as this material is resistant to water damage such as rust and corrosion, and steel is usually exceptionally strong. Be sure the chair is well constructed, and if the chair you choose requires some assembly, be sure the assembly instructions are clear and the process is easy. Be sure to check cleaning instructions as well; some simply require a hose and some soap, while others require bleach or other more powerful cleaners.


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