How Do I Choose the Best Poetry Books?

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You should choose your selection of poetry books based on your interests. Poetry books should also be age appropriate, so if you are a child or teenager, choose books that are written specifically for your age group. If you need to read poetry books for a school assignment, ask your teacher for suggestions. Choosing your poetry books can also be done by looking for books written by your favorite authors. Reading book reviews can give you some guidance as well.

If you do not want to limit yourself to one genre, you might wish to join a poetry book club. Check with your local library for more information, or go online to search for book clubs you can join. Some book clubs are designated for children and teenagers, while others are adult oriented. Many public libraries offer poetry sessions and feature a new poem or book at each meeting.

Many bookstores specialize in poetry or have a designated section of poetry books. These books of poems may be categorized by topic or by author. Ask the sales person for assistance in finding a good choice. In some stores, locally or online, you might be able to obtain used poetry books at a discount price. You also need to decide whether you'd prefer contemporary poetry or a traditional style.


Poetry book collections may be organized by time period and categorized by 19th-, 20th-, or 21st-century poems. You may also select poetry books written by American authors or British authors among others. Whether you make your selection by genre or author, many clubs and libraries have organized archives for finding exactly what you want.

Some Internet book clubs and stores offer a listing of most-popular books on their websites. These listings of favorites may also help you choose your book of poems based on best sellers. Some websites also let the consumer preview the material inside. The preview may include a glimpse of the first few pages of the book.

You should decide whether you prefer your poetry books to be traditional hard-bound copies or audio books. Audio books can be a good choice, as you can amass a huge selection without having to carry or sort through numerous books. An electronic book reader is another option to consider, as you can download your selection of poetry onto your electronic tablet device. Almost any poetry book available in hard cover or paperback should also be available for download.


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