How Do I Choose the Best Plywood Table?

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Many different varieties of plywood table exist, and choosing the best requires the buyer to identify which type of table is right for his particular needs. Once a category of table has been selected, the buyer should consider what sort of plywood has been used to build the table, as this affects both the appearance and strength of a table. The color and finish of a plywood table are important as well because tables with a heavier coat of finish are more durable. Also, the finish of the table is generally one of the most readily apparent aesthetic aspects.

Plywood is a very durable and versatile construction material. A piece of plywood consists of multiple layers of wood that are glued together. If it is assembled correctly, plywood is extremely strong because the wood grain of the different sheets is aligned at different angles. Plywood is often made up of layers of less expensive or appealing wood sandwiched between exterior layers of a more attractive or costly wood thus providing both strength and visual appeal.


Several types of plywood table are available. A simple table may be made from plywood sheets that have been connected to form a box or other simple structure. Such tables may be made as do-it-yourself projects, but some models are commercially available as well. This type of table tends to be durable and inexpensive, though a bit rough in appearance. Veneer, trim, and finish, however, can add aesthetic appeal, and such tables are excellent choices for economy-minded consumers and for little-used spaces such as recreation rooms or spare bedrooms.

Many other tables are created using plywood tops and wooden framing. The plywood's layered edges are hidden by a wooden strip, giving the impression that the table is made of solid wood. These tables should have a durable topcoat of varnish to protect the surface layer of the plywood from damage, which would reveal the composite nature of the material. Such tables serve just as well as other varieties of table so long as their exterior veneer is adequately protected. This type of plywood table can be an excellent choice for a coffee or dining room table.

A third type of plywood table is made of molded plywood. If the different layers of plywood are compressed into a shape while being glued together, they will hold that shape once dry. This property of plywood allows the construction of tables that appear to curve naturally. Such tables are durable because this type of plywood construction is very strong. In fact, a table like this might be a perfect match for a retro d├ęcor, as this style was very popular during the middle of the twentieth century.

When shopping for any plywood table, a consumer should make sure to check the quality of the plywood construction. The plywood should be tight and have no visible voids along the edges of the table. The visible layer of wood should have a pleasing grain and appearance. The finish of the table should be even, a factor that is especially important for tables that may be exposed to moisture, as water can cause serious damage to plywood, even causing the structural glue to give way.


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