How Do I Choose the Best plus Size Skort?

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A plus size skort is a cute and comfortable way to stay cool in the summertime for many women. Buying a plus size skort, however, can be very different than buying a normal size skort, simply because they can sometimes be constructed and shaped differently. Various cuts and fabrics are sometimes implemented to make plus size skorts more comfortable for plus size women. You will also need to choose whether you need the skort for daily or formal wear or for exercise, as these can be constructed differently as well.

If you are used to buying traditional sized clothing, it is important to consider the differences between a plus size skort and a traditional size skort. Many times, a plus size skort will tend to be longer and cover more of the thigh area than traditional sizes. Most of the time, plus size women carry extra weight around the hips, thighs, and buttocks, so with plus size clothing there is also extra space in the hip area. This may be fine for some women, but those with apple shapes who carry weight around the abdomen instead of the hips will need to look for other styles. The best way to make sure the item is cut correctly for your body type is to try on the item you are interested in, or, if you are buying the skort for someone else, have them try it on.


Choose the type of plus size skort that you feel would look most flattering for your body type and be the most comfortable. Some of the most popular skort styles include wrap skorts, skorts with a simple panel in front and back, or otherwise normal looking skirts with an entirely separate pair of shorts built in underneath. Also, determine the fabric that you would like the skort to be made of. Lightweight fabrics will tend to be more flowy and cool for the summer months, but will also provide less support and structure than more rigid fabrics.

Some plus size skorts may offer a tummy control or even thigh control panel built into the lining of the fabric. Exercise and jogging skorts may have special material that wicks away sweat and prevents chafing while running. Depending on the activity that an athletic skort is intended for, it may have a small pair of built-in shorts that fit tightly against the skin or a looser, more breathable and movable pair of shorts that offer more coverage.


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Post 2

@Iluviaporos - Skorts are pretty good active wear when you don't want to really wear a pair of shorts but a skirt would be impractical.

Personally, I think they are better for kids than for adults, the look just seems to suit them better.

They are fairly easy to make as well if you have a quick hand at the sewing machine.

Post 1

Skorts seem to go in and out of fashion. I know for a while they were considered absolutely ugly and a fashion travesty, but people seem to be wearing them again.

And they can be really comfortable, particularly for plus sized women. I think as long as they emphasize the skirt aspect rather than the shorts aspect, they look all right too, or you could even make it so that they don't look like shorts at all.

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