How Do I Choose the Best plus Size School Uniforms?

Tara Barnett

Choosing the best plus size school uniforms is often quite easy because schools that require uniforms typically specify the brand that must make the uniform as well. When a school requires a specific uniform, accommodations for students of all sizes are absolutely essential. This means that even when purchasing a uniform requires special preparations, it is almost always possible to find a uniform that will be suitable for both the individual's body and the school's dress codes. In certain cases, alterations may need to be made to the uniform in order to ensure a comfortable and appropriate fit.

School uniforms are often available in multiple sizes.
School uniforms are often available in multiple sizes.

The first step when choosing the best plus size school uniforms is to determine what type of uniforms is required. Schools usually make this information available to parents and specify what types of uniforms, shoes, and accessories will be required. When purchasing plus size school uniforms, it may be easier to order sizes from a catalog or online, as stores do not always keep sizes that are less common in stock. This requires precise measurements taken at home but can alleviate the stress of attempting to find these sizes in stores.

In terms of style, not many alterations can be made to plus size school uniforms. It can be difficult to reach a balance between appropriate length and appropriate width, particularly for girls. Generally speaking, it is almost always better to choose clothes that are too long for the student over those that are too small. Skirts and pants can be hemmed, for example, but it is not always possible to lengthen clothes that are too short.

Athletic uniforms for school can be somewhat problematic in plus sizes, but it is usually possible to find appropriate styles. For athletic activities, attention must be paid to how to clothing fits when in motion, while this is less important for classroom clothing. Swim wear can be particularly problematic, both for boys and girls, and choosing uniform swimsuits may require trying on the item before making a purchase just to make sure the fit is appropriate.

From a student's perspective, the best plus size school uniforms will be both comfortable and flattering, which can be difficult to achieve when styles must be the same for students of all body types. In order to make the design comfortable, alterations may need to be made. When the only specifications made in terms of the uniform are those of color and style, it may be easier to purchase clothes from a different brand than is suggested, although this should be cleared with the school first. Concerns about the fit or comfort of the uniform can be discussed with a representative of the school, and most of the time these professionals are very understanding about the need to provide for a student's comfort.

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