How Do I Choose the Best plus Size Rings?

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When choosing the best plus size rings, don't make a purchase just because you've finally found jewelry that fits you, but rather make your selection on pieces you really love. An average looking ring that you consider to be nice isn't likely to inspire or please you when you wear it, while a design you love that really says who you are can help you feel great every time you have it on. At the same time, plus size rings you love should also fit properly.

If you are shopping at a jewelery company that is new to you, it's a good idea to first look at its ring sizing chart. You can determine your ring size by wrapping a small piece of yarn, twine or string around each finger until the ends meet comfortably. Once you measure that length, you can compare it to the sizing chart of each jewelry firm from which you're considering buying plus size rings. This can be especially helpful when you can't try on the rings, such as online at an e-commerce jewelry website.

A great plus size ring option, especially when you can't try rings on in-person, is to look for adjustable and stretchy styles. These flexible band options may allow you to find rings of average size that will still fit. They can also be great choices when you're buying plus size rings for gifts rather than for yourself.


As a general guideline, look for larger rings rather than dainty styles which may look lost on a plus size hand. Height on a ring can be flattering on plus size fingers and you may want to consider an interesting cluster or sculpted piece. Another shape to consider for plus size rings with an interesting stone is the marquis. Marquis stones are elongated almond shapes which can visually slim plus size fingers as well as look striking on a larger hand.

When shopping for a plus size ring to wear daily or at least fairly often, consider other accessories that you'll likely have on at the same time, such as a watch. It's not usually necessary to match metal colors or styles of the jewelry exactly, but your favorite plus size rings should coordinate with other staple accessories in your wardrobe. Especially when you're buying a more expensive plus size ring, choose a reputable jeweler with quality pieces you love.


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