How Do I Choose the Best Plumeria Bouquet?

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The plumeria is a popular type of flower chosen for wedding bouquets and other flower arrangements because of its beauty and versatility. When choosing the best plumeria bouquet, you first need to determine whether you want to utilize the flowers as a part of your overall arrangement, or whether you want solely plumerias. The best bouquets are made out of fresh flowers if you want to have scented arrangements, but you also have the option of using silk plumerias as a less-expensive alternative. Although arranging a plumeria bouquet is a job that is usually left up to a professional florist, you can make your own design if you are comfortable taking on this type of project.

Plumeria bouquets come in a variety of styles, and your best choice is largely dependent on the kinds of flowers that you want in the arrangement. A bouquet consisting solely of plumerias is a popular choice for summer events, and you can mix up the arrangement by choosing flowers of various colors, including white, pink, and yellow. Another method of plumeria arrangements is to accent the flowers with complementing buds throughout the bouquet. Your choices can consist of simple accents, such as baby’s breath and orchids, as well as bigger flowers like hibiscus, calla lilies, and roses.


Most people prefer fresh plumerias as a part of their floral arrangements because of the flower's fragrance. Plumerias exude a soft and sweet scent, especially during the spring and summer months when they are in bloom. Fresh flower bouquets are also more expensive, so you might want to consider a silk version if having a fragrant arrangement is not especially important to you. Also, a silk plumeria bouquet can last for years to come, while a real version can wilt the day after your special event.

Making your own plumeria bouquet out of either fresh or silk flowers is a popular do-it-yourself option, especially if you are on a tight budget. You should keep in mind that fresh plumerias are usually more difficult to work with than silk varieties because they are particularly delicate flowers. When putting together the bouquet, you will first need to gather all of the flowers that you are going to use for the arrangement, preferably between 10 and 12 of them. Take a bouquet wire and wrap it tightly along the bottoms of the flowers. Once the flowers are neatly in place, you can glue a ribbon around the wiring.


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