How do I Choose the Best Plug-In Air Freshener?

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With more and more plug-in air fresheners being sold to the public, choosing the best product can be quite a challenge. In order to choose the best plug-in air freshener, a number of considerations must be kept in mind. First, purchasers should determine how long the product will be in use. In addition, identifying a favorite scent, and looking for air fresheners that feature this scent, is an important step. Customers should also consider the cost of the air freshener — while most products will be similarly priced, those with special features may be substantially more expensive.

Customers who are interested in purchasing a plug-in air freshener should consider how long the product ideally should last. While some individuals may want an air freshener that can last for several weeks, others may simply be looking for a product that can freshen the air for a day or two. Reading packaging will help customers determine how long a particular brand of air freshener will last. While this information will usually be on the product's label, customers may also want to do some research online or contact manufacturers. In addition, removing the air freshener from the wall when not in use will dramatically increase the life of the product.


It is also important for consumers to determine which scent of air freshener is best. Air fresheners come in a variety of scents, and in most cases, there will be a product that pleases even the fussiest purchaser. Individuals should consider their favorite scents, and look for plug-in air fresheners that feature these smells. The intensity of the scent can play a major role in choosing the ideal product. Though a product may feature a popular scent, if it is overwhelming, it may not be accepted by all customers. While many air fresheners can be found in grocery stores or pharmacies, those that provide specialty scents may need to be purchased online or from a unique retailer.

The cost of the plug-in air freshener should also be considered. Typically, the cost of the air freshener will be directly related to the length of time that it provides a scent. Plug-in air fresheners that provide specialty scents may also be more expensive that air fresheners which feature traditional scents, and which are readily available on the market. Other factors, such as product durability, may also result in a significantly higher-priced plug-in air freshener. Shoppers may want to evaluate their budget and determine how much they are willing to spend on a plug-in air freshener before settling on a specific product.


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