How Do I Choose the Best Platinum Jewelry?

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Whether you're choosing a new platinum necklace or a platinum ring, usually the most important thing to look for in platinum jewelry is the purity content of the metal. Platinum jewelry with a high purity content is more durable and has a greater value, while pieces mixed with larger amounts of other metals are generally a more affordable option. If you're looking for long-lasting wear and the highest shine, look for platinum jewelry that contains at least 85% pure platinum. The additional metals alloyed with the platinum should be either cobalt or ruthenium, as less expensive metals like iridium weaken and wear more quickly.

The purity content of a piece of platinum jewelry is measured in parts per thousand, which means that a piece of jewelry with 950 platinum is made of 95% pure platinum. Jewelry with 85% and 95% is the most common, with both of these percentages considered to be high-quality. Some jewelers offer pieces with platinum percentages as low as 58.5%, though such pieces will be less durable and could easily become scratched or dull. Platinum jewelry with a higher percentage of pure platinum is considered higher-quality. Shoppers who want platinum jewelry at an affordable price, however, can benefit from choosing a design that uses less of the expensive metal.


Platinum is often used for fine jewelry, heirloom pieces and wedding and engagement rings, as it is much stronger than other metals. If you're looking for platinum wedding jewelry, it is best to choose a ring that combines another hard metal like cobalt or ruthenium with the platinum, as this will improve the ring's durability. Soft metals lose their shine more quickly, can become easily scratched and are more susceptible to tarnishing. Before making a final choice, you should also be aware that platinum can be more difficult for jewelers to work with than other metals. It's important to find a jeweler who is experienced in working with platinum if you will need a customized design made with intricate details.

As you choose new pieces of platinum jewelry, it's important to seek out designs that match your tastes and your lifestyle. To protect your jewelry, you should avoid wearing it in strenuous situations or during physical labor, as these activities could scratch or damage the accessories. Look for pieces that are easy to remove or cover, as well as pieces that are simple and low-key. After investing money in a high-quality piece of platinum jewelry, protect your investment with regular care, cleaning and polishing to keep it looking new.


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