How do I Choose the Best Plastic Neti Pot?

Katriena Knights

For many people with sinus issues, constant congestion dryness, and breathing difficulties make everyday activity uncomfortable and difficult. Sinus problems can also leave individuals susceptible to respiratory ailments. While conventional Western medicine provides a variety of remedies for sinusitis and similar issues, more and more people have turned to the Eastern tradition of the Neti pot for relief. In fact, many mainstream doctors recommend this type of sinus cleansing, especially for patients who have undergone sinus surgery.

Saline solution usually is used in the Neti pot.
Saline solution usually is used in the Neti pot.

The Neti pot has been used in Ayurvedic traditions for centuries to rinse the sinuses. Typically, a saline solution is used to irrigate the sinuses. Sometimes baking soda is added to the solution to reduce the burning sensation some people experience with nasal irrigation. The process uses gravity to draw liquid from one nostril to the other, passing through the sinus cavities.

Neti pots should have an appropriately sized spout.
Neti pots should have an appropriately sized spout.

Traditional Neti pots are made of ceramic or clay, but many modern models are made of plastic. Plastic Neti pots are durable and easy to clean, making them a popular choice. There is a wide variety of these Neti pots available. How, then, does one choose the best plastic Neti pot?

There are several things to bear in mind to choose the best plastic Neti pot. Neti pot sinus cleansing can be uncomfortable or difficult with a pot that doesn't seal to the nostril or that is difficult to hold at the correct angle. Thus it is important to use a Neti pot with an appropriately sized spout. It also is important to find a Neti pot that is easy to maneuver.

To choose the best plastic Neti pot, look at some of the major brands on the mainstream market. The SinuCleanse® Neti pot is an example, as is the NeilMed®. These two Neti pots are shaped differently, with the SinuCleanse® shaped more like a traditional pot. The determining factor with these brands would be how well they work for the individual user. Since it is difficult to choose the best plastic Neti pot without trying it, this might take some trial and error.

If a doctor has recommended the use of the Neti pot, he or she can help you choose the best plastic Neti pot. An expert in alternative or Ayurvedic medicine also could make suggestions. Neti pots often can be found in mainstream drug stores or pharmacies, though natural food stores or organic grocers often carry a larger selection. With the use of Neti pots becoming more and more common, there are many retail outlets available where you can shop for and choose the best plastic Neti pot.

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