How Do I Choose the Best Placenta Shampoo?

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When choosing the best placenta shampoo, it is important to look at the other ingredients included in the product, as well. The use of placenta inside of shampoo and other beauty products is said to add both shine and softness to the hair. There is no solid evidence to suggest that this claim is true, however, and many of the other ingredients included in the shampoo will have an impact on the hair.

Placenta is an organ inside of the uterus of pregnant mammals, but placenta can also come from the ovarian wall of plants. It is added to shampoo and other hair products because manufacturers claim that placenta conditions the hair and adds luster. While there is no proof that this claim is true, placenta is still used in a variety of beauty and haircare products. Only a very small amount of placenta is actually included in the shampoo, however.

Other ingredients commonly used in placenta shampoo include olive oil, vitamin E, and panthenol. When purchasing a shampoo for your hair, it is recommended that you carefully look at all of the ingredients in the shampoo and choose the product that is best suitable for your hair type. Only a small amount of placenta is actually used in shampoos and hair products, so it is the other ingredients that play a large part in the quality of the product.


Hair that is dry or damaged should be treated with more moisturizing properties than hair that is oily. A conditioning placenta shampoo is ideal for those with dull, dry hair because it will nourish and soften the hair shafts. As noted above, added ingredients like vitamin E or olive oil can help to increase shine. Those with oily hair will want a shampoo that deep cleans and removes excess oil from the scalp. Natural zinc and sage are both ingredients commonly included in shampoos made to cleanse the scalp of oil and buildup.

There are many brands of placenta shampoo available for purchase, and many can be found in a regular grocery store or market. Shampoos can differ greatly in price, and the more expensive brands usually use higher quality ingredients. The other main ingredients of any placenta shampoo should be clearly listed on the bottle. Different hair types have different needs, so it is important to know your hair type and what ingredients you prefer to use on your scalp.


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Post 4

My mother uses a placenta shampoo that contains ingredients that are supposed to stimulate hair growth. She is in her sixties now, and her hair has started to thin out a little. She is terrified of going bald, so she has been trying a multitude of products to regrow hair.

The placenta shampoo seems to be working. It has extracts of pepper in it that are supposed to encourage the scalp to send out more hair.

The placenta itself is working to make the hair that she already has very shiny. She has seen a little more growth in her thin spots, but we have yet to see if it will work wonders. Has anyone else used this type of shampoo, and did it help you?

Post 3

I like using shampoo with placenta, because every kind that I have tried has made my hair ultra shiny. However, there is one ingredient that I always look for when choosing a placenta shampoo.

Panthenol is the best moisturizing ingredient I have ever known. I have read that it can get inside the hair better than many other ingredients, and once it is there, it does a great job of hydrating the strand.

Also, panthenol makes it super easy to comb my hair. When I have fewer tangles, I don't break my hair as much.

Post 2

@shell4life – Placenta is only gathered after an animal gives birth, and they don't get hurt in any way. My uncle owns a flock of sheep, and he sells the placenta for use in things like shampoo.

I have never heard of human placenta being used, and I doubt that it is. I have no problem using animal placenta shampoo, since I know that the making of it is totally humane.

Right now, I am using an animal placenta shampoo that I bought not long after finding out that my uncle sells the ingredients! It really does make my hair shinier, but that could be due to the olive oil in it.

Post 1

I'm a bit freaked out by placenta shampoo, simply because I don't know how the placenta was obtained. Does it ever come from humans, or is it just from animals?

Also, are animals harmed at all when their placenta is harvested? I hope they wait until after the baby animal is born to gather it and don't cause any harm to it in the process. Surely, with all the animal rights activists in the world today, the gathering of placenta must be done in a way that isn't harmful to animals at all.

Even so, placenta is just a weird ingredient. It makes me wonder who the first person was to say, “Hey, why don't I try this on my hair?”

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