How do I Choose the Best Pilates Magazine?

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Pilates is an exercise routine growing in popularity and practice every year. It promises to tone the body, giving it a slender look and feel, without the use of heavy weights — and many believe the system delivers on this promise. With the rise in popularity, the choices in pilates magazines has increased, making the decision of which to buy more and more difficult. Several factors can set one magazine apart from the rest, such as the quality of instruction and photo displays of routines, providing up-to-date news on new routines and trends, and including important related information, such as nutrition and diet tips. An individual’s personal preferences can also play a role in choosing the best pilates magazine.

Pilates requires precise movements performed correctly and with control. Some of the moves can seem complex without a visual demonstration. Therefore, a good pilates magazine should provide step-by-step photos depicting exercises, come with a DVD, or provide instructional videos online at no extra charge. This way, one can be sure he or she is attempting the exercises correctly even without an instructor on hand for guidance.


The original pilates workout, developed by Joseph Pilates, began with a set number of moves. Over the years, new ideas have been introduced to the sport to improve upon Pilates’ philosophy and to keep the interest of long-time followers. New exercises, some fusing the practices from other sports, as well as new equipment, are in use. Reviews of pilates equipment from the pros could help in deciding whether the equipment is right for you, and which products yield the best results. A good pilates magazine should stay up to date on the latest news, trends, and instructions.

Some magazine companies offer a free online component as a companion to the print magazines that could prove helpful. For example, basic exercises, overall philosophy and news from months past may not be found in a current issue; however, an online archive would store this information to be used at a later date. Beginners may find this aspect especially helpful when catching up; starting with the basics is of utmost importance in a sport such as pilates, wherein many advanced moves build upon combinations and twists on beginner moves.

Choosing the best pilates magazine really involves simply looking for those that closely match your specific interests. Some offer discounts on equipment, apparel and group classes; they may also list and review classes and instructors in your area. Pilates can be done solo in the home without the use of any added equipment; if one is planning on trying new atmospheres or routines, however, it may be in one’s best interest to find a pilates magazine that offers information on the subject. Many magazines may offer inspirational stories; diets and recipes can be found in still others. Some of the best pilates magazines often motivate and teach at the same time.


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