How do I Choose the Best Physical Therapy Classes?

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There are four things to consider when looking for the best physical therapy classes: prerequisites, hands on-training, qualified instructors, and the level of educational institutes. Physical therapy classes are available from universities, community colleges, and online schools. Physical therapy is the use of specific, targeted exercises to treat muscular injury or weakness. These classes are intended for people who want to become physical therapists, or are already qualified and are refreshing their skills.

When selecting physical therapy classes, it is very important to read both the course description and the recommended prerequisites. This information is very helpful when deciding if the course is at the proper level of skill to meet your requirements. The course description often includes lecture topics, which will provide an overview of course expectations and deliverables.

The first item to check when looking for the best physical therapy classes is the amount of hands-on training. As a muscle rehabilitation program, all of the theories and concepts must translate into actual exercises. This aspect of the work should be the primary focus in class. Look for courses that provide access to equipment, and opportunities to practice using this equipment.

The best courses include the chance to either try the exercises yourself, or work with a client. These strategies improve learning, interaction, and communication skills. The more exercises completed in class, the better prepared students will be able to apply their new skills and explain concepts to clients.


Look for physical therapy classes taught by a physical therapy or rehabilitation science professor. Alternatively, theses classes can be taught by someone with an advanced degree in physiology or physiotherapy. The material can be quite complex, but a knowledgeable instructor can translate this material into concepts that can be more easily absorbed. Be prepared to dedicate time and effort to learn these concepts to succeed in this class.

There are a wide range of levels available for physical therapy classes. Community college classes are very practical and are usually available in the physiotherapy, rehabilitation, nursing, and other health science programs. These programs often offer credit for prior learning or workplace experience.

At the university level, courses in physical therapy cover both theory and practical application. These programs are intended to prepare you for graduate school, the workforce, or both. Key concepts are explored and taught based on the relevance. University level courses vary in complexity from first year undergraduate courses to doctoral level.


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