How Do I Choose the Best Phlebotomist Chair?

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Phlebotomist chairs are designed with a specific purpose in mind — to make it easier for a medical professional to draw blood from a patient. With that in mind, there are several things for you to consider when choosing one, starting with picking a chair that will accommodate most patients and also will comfortably fit into the room in which it will be kept. Another detail to consider is the material of the chair, which should be both comfortable and easy to clean. In addition, the features that define the typical phlebotomist chair, such as an armrest that lifts easily, should be taken into consideration.

One of the most important features of the ideal phlebotomist chair is its size, because it needs to be able to fit a range of patient sizes to ensure comfort while blood is being drawn. Some chairs are adjustable so you can make them a bit taller or shorter to perfectly fit everyone from children to taller adults. At the same time, the blood-drawing chair you choose should fit nicely into the designated room, so an overly large chair may not work. You likely will want to ensure that you can easily walk around the chair once it's in place, so you can more easily access the patient. This means you may want to consider the amount of space you have and the number of chairs you need to fit in that space before choosing a chair based on size.


You also may want to pay attention to the material of the phlebotomist chair. It should be comfortable enough for patients to use for as long as needed; while this may not be long, at least a bit of padding to the seat can make even a brief stay more comfortable. At the same time, it should be easy to clean, because you will need to sterilize it after each use. For this reason, you should make sure you can simply wipe it down with cleaning products, and that the surface does not take long to dry after each cleaning. An additional choice you may have is the color of the phlebotomist chair; a neutral color that matches the rest of the room without distracting patients and staff may work best, though a touch of color may help lift the patient's mood.

Size and color aside, the features of the phlebotomist chair you choose can make a big difference in how satisfying the purchase ultimately is. The main necessity is the armrest that should come with each chair, because this is where a patient will rest his arm during the blood draw. The armrest should be lightweight and able to flip up so patients can get into and out of the chair without difficulty. Some chairs feature additional options, such as an attachment for an intravenous (IV) pole or an armrest for the arm that is not being used in the blood draw.


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